Sound quality of certain sound effects very low

The sound quality of certain sound effects, notably the unit popup sound effects, are very low. Is this a setting that is turning down my quality, or is that an issue on my end?

Video (very choppy, just trying to get audio)

Notice how the unit popup effects at the end are very low quality, but the ‘twinkle’ at the end is fine. Similar with the ghoul coin effect.

I think that unit sound effect was used in GMT which is why it sounds so low quality compared to everything else, but I think the twinkle also was in GMT and it sounds fine so I don’t know.

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The quality has been fine before, and no other applications on my pc are low quality, so it can’t be my headphones
That or I’m going crazy :upside_down_face:

It sounds normal to me, but I’m not certain. I have had problems before with TU sound effects being low quality randomly, but it eventually fixes itself.

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