Someone has sent me a pm calling me a retard how should I take care of this?


should I report this player? If so, how? should i brush it off like this didn’t offend me(it did). I don’t mean to bother any mods or devs but, this really hurt me and I kinda want there to be some repercussions(spelled that first try!).


find the person irl and hurt him
(dont hurt me devs, this is a joke)


I think it’s better if you don’t give them attention. That’ll just make them stronger. Attention is what he wants.


what i mean by building a fort is…


You deserve to go to hell for somehow finding this video, and now do i as well (but I’m jew so I no scare)


Usually, you report them and we do something about it.

In, which is right around the corner, we have a report player feature directly in the game.


ok but you said PM, how did he even do that, did he add you on steam, you accepted, and he messaged you saying that. TU doesn’t have private messaging, and if it’s in your condo that’s your kind of problem, just ban them from your condo and block them on steam and in game.


I’m not saying insults without relativizing context are fine by Netiquette but you really shouldn’t let it get to you this much. Depending on the context, I have to agree with @Turretvista here.


I assume they mean a PM on this forum.


well then if that’s the case all messages on the forums have report buttons available on them


Yeah it was on the forums