Some more RC requests/improvements

  • Add additional camera options besides just first person. An optional camera that displays the RC closer to the screen as opposed to the RC being directly in the center of the screen would be great.

  • Reverse turning controls when going backwards. I don’t play alot of driving games but there was something about about the RCs controls that felt off, until I realized the turning controls aren’t reversed at all.

  • Allow camera movement with your mouse. Yes I’m aware you can do this while holding right click but this should just be available, or at the very least an option.

  • (Optional) Display an icon above players heads in RC mode. This could be a good way to display players being busy doing different activities because being “AFK”. (This type of suggestion could also be expanded onto other things like browsing their inventory, emotes or checking the workshop.)

Yes they are…

To add on to this, reversing currently for RC Sleigh is broken.
It auto-steers till you’re reversing in a direction IT WANTS.

The devs know this and is being looked into.