So i remade the suite from the original lobby 1 in UE4


first of all, just to clarify that this is a visual project, nothing of what is built is really functional and I doubt possible use in tower unite.

Well, I decided to remake the suits of loby 1, all models and textures are imported so this is as accurate as possible to the original. Enjoy.


A community project - Help requested
Condo Design Suggestions Megathread

Oh my god, thank you so much…


I wonder if the Lobby 1 map MacdGuy is working on will have the exact same Suite… I hope so


Wow. Amazing job. Identical. I love it.


uhm… but nothing in these screenshots was already functional in gmt, except maybe the doors
so if it has collision its like the same thing


holy yum yums

  1. It’s a WIP.
  2. It’s a personal project for fun. No reason to compare.


i was talking about this


Yeah, but what about it? I mean, no reason to point out what we already know.


Really nice! ;D


I actually tried to do the Lobby 1 suite from scratch in Max to the port to UE4 but I failed miserably. Couldn’t get most of the meshes and collisions right so eventually I gave up on it until I have better experience. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s still very nice to see this version with everything imported in, I’m glad someone was able to do what I had in mind. :slight_smile:


Seeing the good old Lobby 1 suite graphically updated really brings back some memories.
Thanks for taking me back.


I remember I used to always try to get over the fence convinced there was more landscape to see :sweat_smile:
Nice job, dude!


yeah, i think TU has a collision map for items too so they would have to make that but otherwise they can import thos to TU


Eventually we’ll be able to change the floor plans of our suites. So considering that, with how much furniture there already is…you should be able to eventually recreate Lobby 1 suit WITHIN TU.


I added new screenshots :smiley:


i want this


These pictures are really nostalgic.


they would like to do the remake of some area of loby 1? if so, what area like more?


Now you need the lobby 2 condo in unreal! Wait… Nvm…