So i remade the suite from the original lobby 1 in UE4


i luv your profile pic.


you could probably scale down the carpet a bit


This is a 1:1 scale from the original model and texture.


The devs should see this, it would be great if we can buy different condos you know, that would make the game more variable


actualy, the devs see this… and they said it could be a suggestion, but does not promise anything.


It’s so beautiful…:open_mouth:


OH MY GAWD I LOVE YOU!!! Its so beautiful ;-;

Sorry for being 9 days late I don’t hop on the forums too often anymore :frowning:


ayyy thats pretty good!

Multiple Lobby Maps and Map Designer for Servers

You might be new to the forums but we call this Necro. where someone responds to a thread over 1 month. You did it to a 4 Month old thread though. so you super necro’d.


This thread has been bumped, but:
How the hell did I not give this a like…


I was bored


I always feel the urge to necro threads when I’m bored.


Same, rrmm :slight_smile:




Hi, just wondering, what table is the TV stood on? Me and my friend have looked in all shops and can’t find it.


This was an item you could find in Gmod Tower.

It’s not available in Tower Unite (yet?)


Ah, I was looking at the wrong screenshots from a different thread… sigh.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


The screenshots are looking very nice. thanks for the information.



There’s nothing wrong with necroing as long as they’re contributing