So i lost all my money... ;(

Hey guys sorry to bother you, but today i reached 45334 credits in game (tower united) on steam i ended up buying a condo the resort for 450000 but i didn’t really end up liking the place so much even tho i put so many hours onto the server in gmod so i decided on selling it for whatever the sale price was i think it was half of it anyway so i log back on after selling the house and my money is all gone i didn’t get anything back and it shows i dont have it in my inventory would you guys be able to look at my account and try to get me my money back please and thank you for the time!


this might have something to do with the backend being down when you sold it


If the backend was down though the units should’ve never even pulled, right?

sadly no i still have no condo and all my credits are missing