So, anyone remembers the GMod Tower soundtrack?


Uh yeah you can still download it.

The link above no longer works as the legacy forums have been shut down, so here’s this instead:

Does not include songs from gamemodes and it’s very outdated, but it includes the classic and very memorable lobby ambients and some other extras.


The sound content thread I made quite a while ago include all the songs in GMT (including gamemode songs).

It doesn’t include Idlescreen music though.


And it includes ALL the sounds of GMTower?
Awesome, thanks for saving their life. I kept a backup of them too, but lost them and all the .gma files after reinstalling Windows.


Moved to GMod Tower as this regards to music that was in GMod Tower.


Weren’t those YouTube videos? At least 3 seem to still be up.


Actually about 18 of them are still up.

Browse through the old videos on the PixelTail Games YouTube channel.


I just checked the playlist:

which is 3 videos for me.

If the playlist is longer for you or you have a list of all URLs:

>youtube-dl -x video-url


They’re not all in a playlist.
Here are 17 of them.