Skiing/Snowboarding Game

Title pretty much says it all. Would be interesting to have a competitive snow slope of some kind…or even just free roam with lifts to take you back to the top.


I like the idea. But would it be a separate game world or something in the main lobby?

But honestly I feel that something like this doesn’t really fit with the style of TU.

In my mind it would be a separate game world, like ballrace or the horror game etc. I feel like it would fit in this sense, as the game worlds have always hit me as an anything is possible kind of experience. Not really tied to reality like the condo/boardwalk.

I think that a snowboard slope race would be an awesome idea. Sorta like SSX, there would be epic and impossible jumps and tricks with boosts and all.

And it’s possible too. There’s a game called SNOW (That I was just about to make a thread about) that was made in Unreal Engine 4 and it’s very intensely fun to play.

This is an awesome suggestion. [size=10]I love you.[/size]


For Winter 2k16! :slight_smile:

When I read this idea, the first two things that came to my mind were SSX and Snow and then I read your post. lol. And yeah, I agree, this sounds awesome.

Holy crap. You just gave me an insane nostalgia bomb for SSX Tricky. If the game world would be like that, then yes. Please yes. SOOO much yes.


Just a protip,

SSX is very functional with Dolphin.

And by very functional, I mean kinda. It works. Sounds a little weird.

PCSX2 might have better results maybe?

Maybe. I don’t feel sufficiently moved to try it, so maybe.

Not so much with SSX Tricky. Very laggy. I might have to play it on my PS3.

Oh. I just got an excellent idea for this game world. Maybe at the end of the game, something happens and an avalanche comes crashing down and everyone has to snowboard away like in Sonic Adventure, and you are awarded more GMC if you escape unharmed.

Then a Yeti comes out and chases you, then eats you…like in that old SkiFree game that was on Windows 3.x back in the day.

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I actually really hate it when people bump old threads like this but I still think this should be considered and I don’t want to make another topic about the same thing

Considering the huge amount of suggestions posted since then, there’s really nothing wrong with bumping :smile:

I fully agree that this would be a cool as hell gamemode.

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Honestly, the more gamemode variety the better. I thought and still think that this would be a great addition to TU’s roster of games.


Is it still necroposting if it’s the OP doing it?

I think so. Any kind of bump from long ago, in a galaxy far far away is still a bump from long ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Anyhow, I could totally see this being a thing with customization- boards with your graphic or color or image and stuff. It would be a super duper fun game.

The more I think about an open free roam kind of mode included with it, the more I like the idea of it. Would be cool to have a ski lodge at the top that people could gather in, then grab the gear of choice and make their way to a slalom, or the bunny slope, a slope with lots of jumps and rails, maybe even a long jump(ski jumping) ramp. You can split up however you choose, having collision with other players would make it loads of fun…and aggrevation too.

Now you’re starting to think about another game. There’s one in particular that does just what you described quite well and that’s SNOW. It’s on the Steam Store page if you want more info on it.

On my post further up the thread I said it uses unreal but I lied and it’s too late to edit it so I’m just gonna say that it actually runs in Cryengine.

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