Hey guys I was playing this game and essentially it’s like a snowboarding MMO, and I was like hey this could really work in Tower Unite! So basically I was thinking if maybe you guys can make some sort of a skiing/snowboarding game-mode? Maybe you could even buy game-mode specific items? Could that be a thing in the future? Like upgrades for certain game-modes, for example, new boards for the snowboarding/skiing game-mode. Thanks for reading, I really hope some of you guys find this as cool as I do. I personally love skiing in real life, it’s great fun.

But for the functions of the game-mode it’d be really simple, first person to get to the end wins, or maybe there can be a thing where the person with the most points wins, and points could be acquired by doing tricks or maybe grabbing items in hard to reach spots, such as there are watermelons in the ball race game-mode. Maybe these items can be snow flakes? Cliche I know, but you get the point.

This has been suggested mutiple times

Search before you post! :grinning:


Just because it’s been suggested before doesn’t mean his isn’t different. His suggestion is more fleshed out than someone saying “I think there should be a skiing gamemode and maybe a lift to take you to the top.”

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1 isn’t multiple


Even so, he needs to bump the old thread with his addition to the idea. Just because someone has something to add to an idea or topic doesn’t mean he has to create a new thread or we’d only have threads, and nobody making replies.

Also bumping for this reason is acceptable here. I even did that in the aforementioned thread.


My bad. I did search it but I didn’t find it :confused:

dont question my mathematic skills