I think we should have more ways of transport besides the jetpack. It would be a really nice addition to the game. Maybe even make it so we can do tricks and impress our friends :^)


Maybe not specifically skateboards, but other methods of movement throughout the lobby are going to be implemented, I believe.

I’m pretty sure other vehicles such as scooters and roller skates have been planned, or at least talked about.
It would be pretty cool to have a skateboard.

Skateboards and hoverboards and other vehicles for transportation have been suggested many, many times, but I do agree, I would love to see them added.

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If skateboards are added I would like the ability to take an elevator to the top of the tower and then to ride down the face of the tower and die at the bottom.

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I’d like skateboards with the added feature of wiping out and ragdolling.


Stuff like this and Bicycles would be really cool to see in the plaza honestly.

It would be sick like a hoverboard would be cool.

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We need two more things though.
Bicycles and scooters.

Four Words.

Planet Panic UFO Kart.