Show "net gain/loss" with gamble stats

On the gambling statistics on the bottom of the screen, along with total win and last win, put a net gain/loss statistic to show how far you’re coming out ahead when mindlessly playing slots.


I would love to see how bad my luck is really.


Was about to post this myself before I saw someone had beaten me to it. The ‘total winnings’ value is nice but it doesn’t really mean much without knowing how much you spent to win that value (or if you keep a not of your starting amount manually). Perhaps a group of ‘total spent’, ‘total won’ and ‘profit/loss’ indicators would work best? A counter for how many spins made would also help for calculating the payout rates, but that’s not really needed for the average player and I’m not sure how easy-to-find the devs want that statistic to be anyway.

We won’t be adding this feature. It allows people to figure out the odds easier and that’s not something we want.

I mean, once workshop support is added, won’t people be able to mod this feature in themselves?

On top of that, couldn’t we manually do this by hand already?

As a personal opinion, I don’t think this would help people figure out the odds any easier. It would only serve to help someone decide when to stop gambling, and sort of know where they stand overall.

You already know how much you win and lose each spin/pull/press, all you’d have to do to find out your net gain/loss is subtract whatever money you have after gambling from whatever money you had before gambling.

No, not really. Workshop support doesn’t mean full access to the game code.

Yes, which is why I said it would make it easier.

I just meant that they could add a UI button. You click it before you start to gamble, and then click on it afterwards and it gives you the net difference.

Just my opinion I guess, but I personally think it’d be a nice feature to have built-in. Nothing to prioritize obviously.

If they won’t add it, just start counting gains and losses yourself.

While I can appreciate wanting to keep your backend statistics secure, I disagree with not implementing this feature for that reason. Assuming the player counts their spins by hand, a ‘total wins’ indicator has roughly the same number of mathematical steps (‘average winnings = total winnings / spins’, or ‘average profit = (total winnings / spins) - spin cost’) as a ‘net profit’ indicator (‘average profit = net profit / spins’). And if someone decides that they want to persevere and eventually publish the statistics online somewhere, the whole thing becomes moot anyway.

If you’d like to keep the Casino odds secret, perhaps it would be possible to have the AGC set the odds randomly within a specified range (either for a machine type as a whole or individually for each machine) and adjust them gradually over time? This then makes it much harder to calculate accurate payout rates, and adds an element of risk to the Casino - at some points the average profit might be above zero and a player would make money, while at other times it might be negative and the player would lose money (as opposed to the current system where - assuming the values haven’t already been tweaked that far - any player can be reasonably confident that they will end up with more money than they started with, so long as they keep playing). Perhaps this could also be a way to help avoid players holding onto the same machine for hours on end (and preventing others from using the finite number of machines) as well?


You aren’t getting what I’m saying. The goal is to not give it out on a silver platter. If they want to figure it out they can, but we aren’t going to make it easy for them.

I get what you’re saying, I’m just of the opinion that concealing the net profit value does little or nothing to increase the difficulty of calculating the payout odds, and that showing it does little to reduce the difficulty. I would argue that the quality of life benefit for players who aren’t trying to analyse the statistics would outweigh the miniscule increase in effort for those who are.

That being said, I’ve presented all the comments I have at present, and for the sake of courtesy I will end my argument here (if anyone else has things to add they are welcome to do so of course).

(As a side note, are there any rules on this forum or the Steam forums concerning discussion of the casino statistics? If someone were to publish the payout rates on either board, or link to a standalone tool that would help players to calculate the odds or their profit/loss (assuming said tool doesn’t unfairly influence the game itself by way of macros or the like), would the content be subject to removal and/or the user be subject to punishment?)

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Definitely agree here.
Having a simple “net profit” for the current sit does basically nothing to make things easier for those who want to figure the system out, and it benefits the average user greatly.

Most of all of this could be considered opinion though and I’m not going to stop playing Tower Unite because of it :blush:

This could be a toggle-able setting that is off by default.