Should've kept gmt

Gmt was were memories were made. The amount of customization and fun will always surpass tower unite.

The devs needed to pay money to keep the servers up. There was also the fact that source is old. The devs are done with GMod.


I hate to say it, but Firstly, this is only in Early Access, you can’t expect perfection this early. Secondly, TU already goes further than GMT could have ever hoped to go, I know GMT was amazing, it always will be, but give TU a chance, I’m positive that it’ll shape up to be an even better experience once there’s more added into it.


I know Tower Unite is not the same; I really miss Gmodtower too. But, a thing you have to notice is, is that Tower Unite was made to expand upon its predecessor. Tower Unite may not be that entertaining to some at the moment, but I promise you Tower Unite will become something more spectacular in the future.
Live long the tower!


all of us loved gmod tower (including me) but do not go around saying “the amount of customization and fun will always surpass tower unite,” even though tower unite is nowhere close to being completed! sure gmt had stuff like the casino and the arcade but we will be getting all of that someday and saying they should have kept gmt isnt going to get the devs to stop tower unite and go put back up gmt

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There’s SO many reasons why GMT is GOING TO BE inferior. Right now, yes, it’s true- GMT has more content and playtime and activities and customization than Tower Unite. But it’s not going to be that way, and not for very long either. Tower Unite has more support, they’re making money, they’ve got their full attention on it- it’s going to be better and it’s going to get done. I have more faith in Tower Unite than I would have had if GMT had stayed. I would have grown bored of GMT eventually, it’s happened before. Tower Unite is fresh and exciting and new and I love it and it’s happening and we’re all going to have to accept it, which shouldn’t be all that hard.

Think back to the old days of GMT- We had 2 gamemodes for years of development. You really think that’s what they’re going to be satisfied with? What ANYONE will be satisfied with? Of course not! They’re going to keep working and make this fantastic. Garunteed.


Same thing happened to me. I played GMT for it’s first 3-4 years and just lost interest in it around the time that Lobby 2 was being released. The fun was there, the content was there, but I just lost all desire to play it for some reason.

TU is different. Even on days that I have no idea what I’m gonna do in Tower, I still boot it up and end up doing something, just 'cause I want to. I love this game, ya know? I wanna play it.

There’s already several times where mac has restated the same reasons for shutting down GMT, even before it was shut down the reasons were stated. TU doesn’t need competition, and it was a literal disaster to keep up with GMT, source engine, and everything that GMT was. It was fun, we had a great time, but we can do so much better. And better is happening.

Just have a little faith, ride this one out, and see what becomes of this little love project our dear developers hold in their hands.


I agree completely with your agreement to my own statements.


“GMT is better than this unfinished game!!”

You really are something else.


the good old days always seems to get better and better every time we remember it
and whenever we say goodbye we will always have a special place in our hearts for it…
lobby 1 will always have a very special place in my heart because that is where i found alot cool people and had alot of fun but gmt was just the beginning to a great journey! :smiley: but we have more options with tower unite so just let devs do their dev type things and it will have alot of things gmt had but with even more nice goodies

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This type of topic makes me quite sad. We’ve been working really hard on Tower Unite and we’re only about 10 months into development on Tower Unite. GMT was being developed off and on for over 5 years, of course it’s going to have more stuff than Tower Unite.

We have detailed countless times why we left GMod, so I’m not going to spend anymore time on that subject.

However, I find it quite upsetting that after each update that we put so much work into, people think Tower Unite will just be what it is. We’ve been changing quite a lot and we’re no where near done. We’ve been working on Bowling (which could never have been done in GMT), and the Casino (which is going to be better than GMT, the slots already without payouts have better visuals), and the Arcade (which would be impossible to do in GMT), and the Monorail (which we tried, but ultimately found GMod to be quite limiting), and several things that the Plaza was going to have.

We’re the same developers of GMod Tower, we’ve gotten the entire team back. We’re older, more experienced, and have way more advanced ideas this time around. And we’re working on this full time, unlike GMT. We’re going to make a better game than GMT. As someone who loves GMT very dearly, I find Tower Unite just a few steps away from GMT already.

You can make memories in Tower Unite right now. I see it happening, even without the Casino. People express themselves through their Condos, through raging at Minigolf, through random conga line parties in the Plaza. Even with it unfinished, the original charm of GMT is there at its core. And we’ll keep shining a light on it and making it play like GMT.

We’re dealing with a lot more than we had to with GMT this time around, though. We have more responsibilities. We have engine work, networking, designing with player hosted servers in mind, a completely different engine, etc. The things we’ve achieved are quite impressive and will only be more impressive as time goes on.

I’m sorry, but saying stuff like “GMT was better” doesn’t really help us. We’re done with that chapter. The only direction is forward now.


It’s not always about the game. A lot of the enjoyment you’re going to get out of this is the players and the community. The game is a very big part of it, but the comminuty is more or less the same and there’s a bunch of silly and creative people who’re ready to make some memories, know it or not. I’ve had possibly one of my favorite moments I’ve ever had playing a game on Tower Unite already. There’s already fun to be had. And much more to come. You’ve just got to find it.

This sums it up better than anything imo

Honestly if GMT was still up to this day and no one ever came up with Tower Unite, I would have lost faith in GMT long ago. I think GMod is dead, Source is old, so keeping anything huge on that game is just useless.
Source and GMod were nice when it was their time, but now we need to move on. Think about the fact that they are both from late 2004. That’s nearly 12 years ago. The average GMod player is this old.

Tower Unite is only for the better, because its goals are set for the future, not for the past.



I remember the casino wasn’t a thing yet when I joined. It was added a few months later, somewhere in October 2012.

Christmas Presents, Christmas Tree, Mini Toy Train, Light Saber, Blender and the fruits, and other stuff, none of these existed yet. And Melon Pet was the only pet, and it had to be bought at the wandering merchant. Same with the piano and playable piano.

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I don’t know how many of these I have read so far, still triggers me since people aren’t aware of using the search functions, maybe we should make a general topic explaining, to those who feel ungrateful of the amount of current content so they could just stop making a fool out of themselves.

Here is my opinion, if you don’t like to read, just skip to the TL:DR

Tower unite, which Matt, Mac any of the dev team plus a few others, currently have already explained maybe a ton of times to others, is till on early access. They even stated in their game on steam.

"We want to ensure our community is part of our development throughout the process. Our game is unique due to it’s diverse, varying gameplay. We want to expand the game based on feedback in ways that we could never imagine on our own.

Early Access allows us to realize our dream game. We want to create the best possible experience for a wide audience, and we can’t do that alone. We will use Early Access to address concerns, gather additional data from gameplay experiences, and balance the game.”

As you can read from above, they want us to be a part of this game as well, for newcomers as well as regulars. So saying stuff like “GMT was better” or anything close to it, doesn’t give any kind of support or help to the team.

The amount of content is of course limited, but you have to deal with it and try to think what possibility you currently are able to do. back in version I started to think what I could do with the game so far, and ended up making a ship in my condo, other people shows their creativity by decorating their condo with great themes and memes while they are exited what the crew next time will give them during the next update. I am currently exited when we are able to pick up and toss physical items such as the beach balls or basketballs so my 3rd arcade game can be used.

Why the updates takes long is because they rather do it perfect the first time than make it halfass twice.

Oh and a last thing, instead of thinking, GMT was better, how about thinking, how can we make TU better than GMT?

TL;DR - shut up and take your salt somewhere else, this is not EA game industry.


Are you sure about the Blender? I remember it from Elevator: Source, I would have guessed that could just have been copied over. (Just to be clear, this is a question. I have no idea.)

Read? Like, reading the words “Early Access”? Like reading subforum descriptions containing the word “search”? No, let Caboose700 work for his money. Everyone joining the forums has the right to be told everything individually. I must stop writing here, I get flashbacks.


The Blender was already a thing in Elevator Source, it was just not in GMT yet, until it was added there as well.