SDNL "Style" system

You know how in character action games, you get a rating based on how well you’re doing? D,C,B,A,S,SS etc.

The game currently has a rating system that just seems to be based on your KD ratio. I think that’s a little boring.

I think SDNL would benefit from a “style” system, where the player is encouraged to play “stylish” in order to earn extra units. It would fit well with the “TV bloodsport entertainment” theming of the mode. Essentially, you would earn “style” points based on doing special actions. Your style meter would be constantly decreasing and so you’d have to keep it up by continuing to play in more risky and cool ways. At the end of the round you would earn units based on how much you could keep it up.

Some examples of actions which would boost “Style” points.

Hacker - Get a headshot.

Double, Triple, Multi Kill - self explanatory

Killing Spree - self explanatory

Low Blow - Kill an opponent while sliding

Death From Above - Kill an opponent while in the air.

Pull! - Kill an opponent that is in the air.

Dogfight - Kill an opponent while both of you are in midair.

Juggle - Kill an opponent using 2 or more weapons.

Typing these out made me realize I just want Halo medals basically. I think giving the player some little dopamine hits by making them feel cool and encouraging to play in ways that aren’t just “CHUT GUD” would add an extra level of enjoyment to the mode.

It would also be a good idea to have objectives give style, like capping a flag or holding on to the oddball, to encourage people to play the objective.

I actually suggested almost exactly this a while back, like nearly 1:1 all of the same points and everything:

I’d still really like to see this added eventually though. I think it’d mesh really well with SDNL’s already fast-paced combat and I do love to see little medals appear on my screen.


Wow I had already liked the post. I think it’s just an obvious kind of thing that is to be expected from something like this lol.