Cash / TV Rating should be a Style Points system (and contribute to payouts)

The main reason I’m making this suggestion is that SDNL’s payouts are kind of underwhelming as they are now. I tend to get 750-1300 Units per round, which is pretty much the average Virus round, but those last for half the time (even less than half if you’re playing any of SDNL’s timerless modes).

Obviously the easiest option would just be to double (maybe even more than that?) the current payouts, but I think there’s other options too, and I’m about to suggest one right now actually. I’m actually going to do that right now; I’m going to do that actually

I think Cash / TV Rating should be changed from a nebulous number on the scoreboard to a proper Style Points system that rewards you for doing cool stuff and gives you a nice bonus at the end of the round.

Your Rating should appear in the top-left corner of the screen; when you do anything that increases Rating, the thing you did is shown just below your score for a few seconds.

Obviously kills increase Rating, but other things should yield bonus points too:

  • Multi-kills
  • Comeback kills (killing the person who killed you last)
  • Quickdraw kills (killing with a weapon you just swapped to)
  • HACKER kills
  • First blood
  • Kills while sliding
  • Kills while mid-air
  • Kills on fast-moving players
  • Long-distance kills
  • Dominations (killed someone 5 times without them killing you)
  • Revenge (killed someone who was dominating you)
  • Environmental / Prop kills
  • Objective Defense (killed the Oddball/Flag carrier, returned the Flag)
  • Collecting pickups (very small bonus)
  • etc.

At the end of the round, your final rating is converted to Units. Assuming the proposed Rating system ends up being similar to the current system (I tend to end a game with 2500-3200 Cash), if you were given 1/2 of your Rating as Units I think that would be good.

edit: I now realize it is also common to get like 7000-8000 Cash if you’re doing particularly well in a game. I somehow completely forgot while writing. As long as the average bonus you get from Rating is around 750-1250 Units I’m happy though

End of suggestion. Here is a fun picture to visualize the thing I’m trying to describe (i know the text color sucks. i am sorry)


This is So cool. Really adds to the arcade-y feel of the game and makes a lot more sense than a A-F or $ rating. Would incentivize fun movement, and maybe having point bonuses for mixing up with strategies/guns you haven’t used in a while, or for environment/prop kills. This rules