Savable & Drag-able Playlists

Do you ever go into your Condo to decorate, then go over to your TV, use the Media Queue, go to Youtube or Soundcloud from within the Steam Browser, have to search for what you want to listen to, copy the link and then paste it in?

Isn’t that a bit of a long task list just to play some music? Well, I have an idea for that.

You can create your own playlist of Youtube and/or Soundcloud links (literally a play-list)
and then it saves to your account. And then, when you go to a Media Player, the Playlist window opens on the side and then you just simply drag or double-click your chosen playlist and it’s automatically played.

I can see that this might be an issue for the Theatre, so obviously there would have to be some limitation, but it cuts out the need to use the Steam Browser as much.

Someone already suggested something similar some months ago, where you would save a playlist to a cassette item, and would load in to a media player.