Physical media playlist items

hey guys, my first post here, I’ve been enjoying having watch parties with my friends lately, since getting the game a week ago, however, at times it can feel cumbersome to alt+tab, look up several youtube videos, copy individual links into the TV each time to add media so we can watch a playlist, and so myself and my friends Chebypattern and Yanga came up with a pretty nifty solution;

Instead of manually adding several links one by one, why not create a playlist in the form of a physical media of some kind, such as DVD, VHS, Betamax, Reel to Reel, CDs, Laserdisc, Cassette tape, 8-Track, Records and whatnot… Have these as cheap purchasable items in DIY for example that you can place inside your condo or something, and with these discs, cassettes, tapes and so forth, have their respective players that can be linked to a TV, Stereo, Projector or any media device.

So when you buy a DVD for example, its blank by default, but you can save for example 10 - 15 links to that individual DVD, and for fun lets say you can add artwork to the DVD, but by default it’ll have a name you give it on the front. And when movie night comes when you and your friends are ready to watch some youtube poops or some youtube series, you can simply plop a playlist DVD into the player and it’ll play those links that you saved to the DVD.

Maybe even have a system where people can store media in their inventories and bring it to other condos to share playlists on movie night. I can imagine this being especially useful for music playlists, where I can drop a record or cassette tape into a player and not worry about copying several individual links and taking 5 mins of setup each time I want to listen to some tunes

This could be a great way to improve upon the already great media system with a feature people have wanted but in a creative fun way

Thanks all

oooh i like this a lot!!! we have a cassette tape item already so it would be super cool to add some use to it…


I really like this idea.


I would be extremely pleased with this feature if I could leave them in my workshop condos because I always have recommended music I want people to listen to that inspired me while building. Currently, at best, I just put them in the workshop page’s description.

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Honestly this is a really good idea. I can even compound it further a bit too, to give it a practical method for @macdguy to be able to implement this kind of feature.

You can have 2 Types of Media items, DVDs and Cassettes. You can also have reskins of those items as VHS tapes and Vinyl Records, respectively.

Right-clicking on the DVD/VHS item brings up a unique menu with spaces for 15 Youtube/Media Links, as well as an optional “Intermission” Screen or video link that can serve as an In-between break for each video. A player can also add an image to the DVD/VHS case/ and title them accordingly to show up as a mouse-over UI element.

Right-clicking on a Cassette/Vinyl brings up a similar menu, but with SoundCloud and other audio-oriented links. Players can title the items as well, and the Vinyl can have an option for a disc cover. The Cassette, meanwhile, will only have a title option.

Pressing E on any of these items allows you to pick it up like a physics item, to carry it to the appropriate player. Once the item touches the player, the media will be loaded instantly and be ready for play. VHS/DVDs will work with all TV items, as well as the Theatre Screen, but not the Monitor, Sousaphone, 80s computer or sci-fi laptop. The Cassettes will work with any Radio item, and the Vinyls will work with the record players.

Once the Media is all done playing, the media item will respawn at it’s original placed position, ready for use again.

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