Russian Roulette as Casino/plaza activity


Players would bet how many units they wanna put into the pot, this game could be played with 2-6 players. You all sit around the table taking turns pulling the trigger, you could make it confetti gun if a real gun would be too much. Also before you pull the trigger you’d have the option to spin the barrel or point the gun at someone else, but if the gun doesn’t it fire when you point it at someone, you must go again as punishment. If a player is killed, the gun is reset. This repeats until one player is left and they win the pot.


would be a cool idea (some people would get offended by it alot though i think maybe)
but personally i think it would be a fun little game.
maybe have it as a codno item instead since i think it would be too much for casino and i don’t know where else it would go in plaza.


This may possibly be implemented as a boardwalk activity, depending on whether it’s still planned.


That’s why i suggested the confetti gun instead of a real gun


it doesn’t need to have gore it can just go bang and ragdoll the players and launch them in a direction a bit


That was a fun thread to read through, thanks for sharing! (apologies for being slightly off-topic)


Spookz is right. Just a real gun with gun noises and leave it as that. Save the gore for chainsaw battles


Gore is not needed for this


Greedy people nagging you to play High Stakes Poker is bad enough.
I don’t need people shoving their guns in my face when i’m at the casino.


Um…so don’t play it then.