Royal Flush without an achievement

Greetings and good day to you
So a couple of days ago I decided that I want a Royal Flush achievement. I didn’t really care about the money, I just sat and went on my journey into abyss. I sat for a long time, and after 17 hours in sum, finally got it. Buuuut… well, see the screenshot. I know that my PC is way below minimal requirements and the crashes happen quite often, but it was the worst time for it to happen.
Funny thing is, I did get the money, but I didn’t get the achievement. Which is kind of a thing I was hoping for. It played the sunshine day jingle and everything right before the crash, but when I rejoined, I had the money, jackpot on the machine was reset, but the achievement didn’t come through
so uh
is there nothing you can do? i really don’t want to sit on this cursed machine for another 17 hours it was the worst thing i ever experienced
Thank you in advance

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I can manually grant the achievement. I’ll post again once it’s done.


I’ve granted the achievement to your account.