Reserving condos

Right now in GMT, it’s annoying to have to wait for somebody to leave their condo if all 12 are full, and even worse if you have to race other people in the lobby to get a room. TU should try having a reservation system.

If every condo is taken, you can reserve a spot and do other things in the server while you wait. When you’re next in the queue, you get a pop-up saying your condo is ready. If you take too long getting into your condo, (let’s say 3-5 minutes) the room will be given to the next person in the queue.

Edit: Well apparently it’s already a feature

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From what I understand and someone should correct me if i’m wrong, the condos send you to a private condo instance/server that other people can join from the lobby so you’ll never run out of condo space.

Serkette is correct. Condos in TU are instances. You’ll never have to wait for it. You can just go right into it.

There will also no longer be a physical condo lobby, as there is no need for it. You hop into the elevator and select from a GUI.


I’ll miss the condo lobby, but I’m glad to know that we won’t need to suffer the endless wait for a free condo anymore


So it’s kinda like habbo hotel, where you select from a list of rooms you can go in, or create your own?