More power when customizing condos

My favorite part of Gmod Tower is having your own personal condo to design. Here are some improvements
I think should be in TU condos.

Not only walls and floors:

What if you could make rooms by placing accessible doors, or, make your condo have different floors with accessible elevators? I would LOVE this, and would help people come up with more ideas.

Tower Unite’s Arcade has tons to offer… in your condo:

Maybe you can buy a skeeball table or earn one by gaining a certain amount of points on it in the arcade? It would be amazing to buy and place accessible arcade machines in your condo. I mean, think of this: your sitting on your virtual couch, trying to find a video to watch. After a few hours, you get bored. So, you get up and walk into the room beside you- the Arcade room: full of arcade attractions that anyone could enjoy.

Edit: more suggestions!

Tv on a diffrent level…

No more Youtube videos? Dont go bored, its your tv… reborn! When you access your tv, you have an option to watch videos from youtube, or, to go into your computer files. In this mode you can:
·Watch videos download on your computer
·Look at your photos you took in game or located on your computer
·In game skype call

I fell like this could be similar to what could happen to the Radio. I know this seems kinda confusing, but it should be worth it.

Popular party planning

When you hop into an elevator and the gui pops up (confirmed here: Reserving condos ) You will be able to select from 2 options: Your condo and the Party List. There are 2 party lists: Partys hosted on the server and (if possible) partys hosted worldwide on a diffrent servers ( You can change the option to make the party private be either just inviting people or make a password. You can also make your party worldwide instead of just the server your on). This sounds even more complex then “Tv on diffrent level…” but would be awesome.

I believe in one of the Developer Live streams you can find on Youtube, Zach or one of the other Developers were playing around with a “Arcade Machine” that allowed you to places walls in a 2.5D environment and then it created them in 3D. So that MIGHT already be happening, but who knows.

I think The Condo editor should be similar to the Sims one - If it is, would be happy about it, as it indeed grants you more power over the editing, but the only minus that is possible of existing is that it creates the problem of having to make a grid, so that nobody can place their stuff outside the condo-zone, and the grid would limit you to these spots.

It has been said before, but I really hope we get options to change the flooring and wallpaper along with other advanced features.

Maybe even a small selfbuilt minigolf course which you can place in your garden? I already had this idea in GMTower, but I knew the constant lag on the servers would kill it completely.

It’s good to hear people are excited about the condos. I am incredibly excited about them.

In Tower Unite the condos are hosted by the owner of the condo. This allows for complete focus on running everything in the condo itself.

What this will allow us to do is:

  • Edit floor layout. Right now we are toying around with some ideas and ultimately it is going to be up to what you guys want. I will be doing a poll tomorrow.
  • Practically unlimited item placement.
  • Advanced items like arcades or other crazy things like a private bowling alley.
  • Wallpaper and carpet changing.
  • Alternative camera controls for easier placement
  • Grid snapping (toggable)
  • Single player mode. Edit before showing it off.

So what exactly could be confirmed to happen in Tower Unite? All of the above.

We want to give the tools and ease to allow players to create whatever they desire.


I’m really excited about the condos improvements as well. It was one of the best parts of GMTower, and now that it will be hosted on UE4, amazing things could be done :slight_smile:

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Unlimited item placement? 10/10
Grid snapping? 10/10
Edit floor layout? 11/10

Just a simple question:

Will we be able to attach items on all surfaces Inside the condo and on each other? Would love to have another floating piano & couch on the wall, also - a :tv: on the Ceiling :stuck_out_tongue: :euro:

That’d be amazing. Yes please



Im going to be adding more suggestions ever so often, please check back later if your interested. :blush:

Here’s the poll for the week, it related to Condos.

@macdguy What about making frames with own pictures?

Frames with uploadable images is a possibility.

More customization options = More interesting condos.

And having the power to create your own music playlists to be played automatically would be great. The Lobby 2 system is a bit tiring

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Great, then i`ll add many Anime thing, beggining from h… :stuck_out_tongue:

Moar Anime openings, support.