Whenever I play Tower Unite, I always get this zen like feeling and I just feel so relaxed when I’m playing it and just going around the world looking at things and seeing progress on the coming soon areas and it still makes me remember playing GMod Tower and loving it. Plus I love any game that lets you go around on a jetpack


the game makes my computer sound like a jet engine and thats the opposite of relaxing


white noise and warmth, what’s not to like?


Wear seven jetpacks.
Yes, I bought seven jetpacks just to destroy my ears.


Stop playing Tower Unite on a Macbook


Or if you’re like me and have a full-tower case that has like 4 large 200mm fans that never make sound even revved up :sunglasses:


or be like me and have 4 houses and a yacht and a horse stable and a car collection, oh and a private pool


Or be like me and just build all those things with the computer you just bought.






Or be like me and get my pc taken away, it hurts knowing im gonna miss updates for atleast 2 years


Or be like me and have Chrome freeze because it didn’t get enough attention.


You mean because you ran it on anything without 2 trillion terabytes of RAM.