Recent Undocumented Changes

I’ve noticed that there’s been a recent string of undocumented changes starting with the Halloween Update.

First: there was the Shooting Gallery in the Arcade mysteriously opening.

Then, She suddenly changed to her new selkie form (but without animations or sound)

Now, Chilly Billy has suddenly appeared in the Arcade (without interactivity or animations obviously)

Are there any other mysterious changes that I’ve missed? It’s interesting to see these changes come in slowly and secretly instead of in bulk as usual.

Edit Additions:

Virus Zombies have Pants to cover their seductive bodies. These pants can be Black (most common), Blue (Patrons), Red (random?), or Green (random?).

The Canvas Water shader has been updated to match the Ocean Water shader (this is VERY welcome), adding the white effect.


That’s Chilly Billy. Virgil the pizza chad.


Thank you, I’ve been mixing that up as of late (I thought the Pizza guy was called “Chad”, but I think that’s just his last name).

Ye, Virgil T. Chad.

he’s so uncanny

The Infected now have shorts in Virus.


Do you think we get to order off-menu? There be 8 flavors and only 5 listed :yum:

Call me crazy, but did the posters in Subway get replaced (except for Spooky Hallway thankfully)?

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New Virus posters were teased a while ago.


Walls of Volt Nightclub changes colors (after Halloween update)
and plays music (recent)

I had just noticed the Music during the Halloween update and the colours changing but I thought those had been there already… but now that I think about it I would’ve probably noticed it before.

Not to mention that the Nightclub Update was removed from the Upcoming Update list and replaced by “Update TBA” (the original despite it not scoring horribly on the Priority Poll… hmm

There’s many options for the Surprise and I still have no idea, unlike the Lobby3 lead-up (the last major surprise I can think of) we haven’t found any strange hints lying around the Plaza.

I’m thinking the surprise is going to be something that’s like, an actual surprise, and not something that’s already been confirmed will release at some point. Idk what that would be really but maybe the new games on the boardwalk that were mentioned in the October poll?

edit: or it could just end up being the nightclub or bumper cars or something idk

Especially since they removed the Shooting Gallery from the Boardwalk and moved it to the Arcade.

Wasn’t there a Dark Ride Shooting Gallery with a Haunted House theme shown off in July or something? We haven’t heard about that since then.

The dark ride is also for the arcade, I think it was mentioned in the last dev log or a week earlier that Johanna was working on it though