Really high ping (340ms) - Game unplayable :(


My steam workshop is disabled and everything is fine but as soon as I move around the plaza (presumably as it starts loading stuff) my ping skyrockets to 340ms and never goes down - its usually not so bad in other people’s condos, or my own, but it’s unplayable in game. It’s sad because I really like this game.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you get high ping in other online games too?


do you have windows 10 ?

when you still have problems call your provider


No, I guess it has something to do with the game loading stuff? But it’s not always when workshop stuff is downloading, since I disabled that but it still lags.


Yes I do, but I think I know the problem.

It seems that one of the lines in my area went down a few days ago, which would explain the slow Internet speeds occurring only fairly recently. Hopefully that’s it and it’s fixed soon.

Thanks for the help though.