Realistic Animated Furry Pets, Player Hair and Tattoo shop

Animated realistic furry pets:
Ever used those pet keychains in early 90’s? Or played sim? Well how about heaving pets that you can buy at shops? *"**sonauwitch, we already have pets"
Well I mean use the power of Unreal Engine and have realistic looking furry pets that have richer animations for everything from sneeze,walk,run,scratch,making sounds,bark etc. And have ability to learn new tricks, phrases to speak after trained for a certain amount of time. (woah! a talking dog, that sings a lyric of some Beatles song or speaks some Morgan Freeman quotes) Players get the ability to feed, walk out their pet, have em complete in pet games and puzzles (pet parkour or games could be placed outside in the tower garden) and as a bonus Pets grow their fur and nails, and are needed to be bath after few days etc. (hehe how about secret underground pet battle show organized by tower mafia? just kidding!!!).

Whats new? The new is “look and feel” of your pet, unlike what you have owned in gmod tower, Unreal Engine has the ability to put realistic leashed pets into your hands.

for devs to implement- you can buy a set of realistic looking pets of various kinds with tons of animations in them. Optionally you can have em furs that grow or make some diseases that result in pet scratching a lot or sneezing. Example: Once a certain amount of time has passed a script will check for certain tags (a tag/keyword is given to a condition), are the pets bath, walked outside, trained? Once a player train their dog for a certain amount of days/time, the script will unlock a pet animation that is used as an idle animation with timed loop. Meaning that animation is unlocked and will play out if called via menu or play out on itself when the pet is idle.

Benefit: Gives the tower a more refined AAA quality feature. Fits well with tower’s core values.

Player hair and tattoo shop:

How about a player customization shop that sells styles not present in the default player customization screen such as special Hair styles, Colored contact lenses, Diffferent shapes of Nose, Ears, artistic lipsticks or various designs for girls and Tattoos for various parts of the body for guys?
Inspired by Gta San Andreas “Tattoo shop”.

Will give the richer to spend some cash on some high quality personal styles or nails and what not for better appearance and feel.

(I think) Pet gestures and hats are already confirmed :sunglasses:, I think different hair is too (don’t quote me on this please). I don’t know if tattoos are confirmed or not, but sounds alright to me.

Tattoos have been suggested before I believe. The player models are rumored / confirmed to be very customizatible.

Woah, scared me for a second there

As far as pet depth, I feel that having to maintain a pet would deter me from wanting to have one. I don’t want pets to be super dynamic because I don’t want to constantly have to bathe/feed/play with it, I’d rather be playing virus or something. As far as animations go, I really don’t mind what they do as long as they stay out of my way when I want them out of the way, and I get their attention when I want to look at my pet.

If I wanted a pet to keep up with and maintain, I’d rather play DOGZ by Ubisoft.


No one mentioned about heaving to bath constantly, its just an idea for devs, although how that is implemented it totally up to devs.

Also after some time like most of us you will get bored, hence heaving to use such features keeps player entertain.

What has been discussed and has been confirmed not to happen, is anything having to do with life bars. Pixeltail is against things like hunger bars, stamina bars, things that turn a game into work.

Implementing a feature doesn’t necessarily needs a bar. Devs would know many ways to implement such features. It seems like you keep looking at other games to compare suggested features here on forum. How other games have implemented them isn’t the only way around.

What’s your idea for implementing a system where you have to take a shower every so often? An alert that you smell?

Edit: OHHHH, I see. It was for the pet needing to be washed.

The quotes below I still agree with, which is why I still don’t like this idea. Ignore the fact that they are about “stamina bars” and more so the fact of it feeling like a chore. I don’t want to do chores in videogames.

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I’ll be ignoring your posts, as it seems either you don’t understand or just don’t wanna understand.

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You may not want to read my posts after this eitehr Bambie, but in all seriousness, you just joined the forums yesterday and the stuff you’ve suggested as well as the comments about the new logo you left make it seem as though you haven’t been following this forum since before you joined, nor have your researched in the forums much about what the game is supposed to be about or be like, so you can’t get upset that people are rejecting your suggestions so blatantly when it seems your understanding of the game itself and its concept aren’t very clear for you in the first place. I apologize if I come off as rude, I really don’t mean to, I just figured I’d point it out so you don’t take it so personally bud (:

I don’t mind ppl rejecting my suggestions, I don’t really care. I wanted to put some suggestion out and I did. But I don’t wanna respond to negativity of ppl, who are just posting without reading my threads and jumping to conclusions. I am just too lazy to continue such discussions, hence I posted that above. Also I have been thinking all this from a developer point of view. I am also a game designer, If you don’t like my suggestions I don’t mind at all. Its your opinion coming from your experience and I respect that.

Understood, just didn’t want you to feel like any of the community was rejecting your ideas just because they were coming from you. I do like the tattoo idea btw