Re-enabling "are you sure" prompt for catsacks?


When you first try to open a catsack, a prompt usually comes up asking if you are sure about your choice (as well as the option to “Never ask me again”). I usually leave that prompt on as a sort of security so I don’t accidentally open something I don’t want to open, but I’ve turned it off when I opened 100 silver catsacks a few weeks ago. I would like to turn it back on however, and I was wondering if there’s a way if I can do that?


it’s in the gameplay settings i believe?


Yeah, it’s been added as an in-game setting. (Although it’s worded wrongly)

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Alright thanks guys, yeah the wording seems wrong since setting it to “off” makes the prompt turn on. Not sure if they just added this recently or I’m just being blind again and didn’t see it the last time I checked, but thanks again xP