Re-balance: Modify the Virus’s Health & Speed by the ratio of survivors

Since Virus seems to be in the spotlight right now, seems like a good idea now to bring this back. A year and a half ago I offered and idea to fix the unbalance issue in Virus. Re-balancing the game to keep the flow fun and exciting for both teams. And despite the somewhat positive feedback, this was never accepted or attempted.

The idea is simple, and its effects are drastic, which is why this is important to me. This rebalance will make the infected aggressive enough without making them overpowered or making the survivors underpowered. Modify the virus’s health & speed by the ratio of survivors. The stats of a virus should be scaled based on the ratio of survivors alive, this way both teams overlap each other on difficulty. The less the infected the stronger, the more the infected the weaker. I’ll explain.

The only things affected to viruses are health and speed. Depending on the amount of players and fellow viruses, this can either make the virus stronger and faster or weaker and slower. This suggestion will have viruses health and speed changing consistently throughout the entire game.

This way starting infected are strong and fast enough to get a game going without making them too overpowered, Because of the viruses insanely high health and speed, all the survivors will have to work with each other to take down a single hulking virus. But once enough players get infected, difficulties swap to favor survivors because there are more infected. And because this will make viruses a lot slower and weaker, viruses will have to rely on each other and to coordinate with each other to corner and kill the last survivor.

(Updated this thread to match cold_finger’s input.)


I like this…as if they get tired after defeating survivors. could add to possible lore. :smile:

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Something like this makes sense, but it shouldn’t rely solely on how many survivors remain.
It should rely on the ratio of infected to survivors.

If we go by just survivors then an issue comes up.
5 players in a game.
1 survivor / 4 infected
Because only 1 survivor is alive, the infected receive the debuff of 50HP 300SPEED.
Suddenly the game is way too easy for the survivor.

Your idea only accounts for if the game is full. Games won’t always be full, so a ratio would work better.


I, actually prefer this system instead, I’ll update the original post later.

I remember a GMTower suggestion of yours that suggested something like this. I think I never voiced my opinion on it, so I’ll do it here, and I agree with your suggestion. I hate how being the first survivor is literally hell, if the survivors got the loadout with the flak gun, they just spam it the whole time as it is a mostly one-shot weapon.

Surely the virus’s speed should be higher with the fewer amount of survivors remaining? That’s a decent trade-off for having low health.

Brought up the idea of lowered speed because since there’s more infected, they can coordinate with each other to trap and kill the last survivor. While with the first infected, they need the speed to get the their first kill, since they have no teams.

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