My Terrible Opinions: A TU Rant of some sort

Getting second thoughts about postings this but here you go.

Now let me start with saying that I know the dev team is small, and works really hard. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to state my opinion on major flaws that still persist.

  • The development timeline. Mac said multiple times that they’d put focus on this game for a year, and then from there figure out what their next move is. Which is a somewhat acceptable idea, except that a game this massive feels like it’ll be impossible to hit that deadline. Casino’s focus alone took over a couple of months, there doesn’t seem to be any development done on other game worlds, the current gameworlds still need polishing and there’s almost less than half a year left in development.
  • Farming due to lack of content. Currently gameworlds is the only real way to make units. Which wouldn’t be bad if the stores didn’t sell everything in their finalized price. I don’t want to have to play 10 minigolf games in a row to buy that one expensive pet. An “Early Access” sale for all the stores in the meantime would be nice.
  • Ballrace is only enjoyable as the host. I know there is no permanent fix for lag, but the way it was hard coded into the gamemode is mind boggling. No matter what your latency is. Could be 50, 150 or over 300. You will always have delayed controls. Which means no one will want to play. And to make things worse, you need more than one player to actually make units in the gamemode. So you can’t solo farm for fun.
  • Virus is unreasonably unbalanced. The change from virus between GMTower to Tower Unite feels indifferent. The gunplay feels off, some guns are extremely good while others are aren’t so much, the virus is always getting gunned down before ever making any progress and the only way to make progress is “Hope you get a lucky spawn.”
    I’m probably going to get flak for bringing this up but I’ve proposed a proper rebalance TWICE. I carefully planned it out, the community agreed, and the devs still what feels like actively ignore it. Now they’ve been saying they’re bringing back “Infected Rage” which will only fix one of the many issues unlike my idea that tackles all of them. Re-balance: Modify the Virus’s Health & Speed by the ratio of survivors

I know a lot of people aren’t going to be happy to see a thread like this, but someone needs to speak up if you want the game you love in a properly fixed. Discuss freely, but please don’t attack without a proper reason.


We’ve been working on multiple things while the Casino backend has been going on. Please look at our Trello. You can see progress on Laser Tag, Bowling, Shooting Gallery, and most recently Trivia. It’s not just Casino. Just because the backend takes time, doesn’t mean our entire team is going to just sit and do nothing while the programmer (Zak) works on that aspect.

Also, Casino is a massive project compared to the version in GMTower. We can’t just toss up code on our dedicated server and have complete authority on how it operates. Now we have multiple people hosting Lobbies, so we have to make authoritative code work for every server, which is a complicated issue to solve.

There’s been progress, but we have not released any information on purpose.

That would make for an unfair advantage. We also cannot change prices on items as people would be very upset that we reduced the prices of items after they spent a lot of their time getting them.

We’ve been working on a fix for this.

You don’t know if any change will help until you actually go in there and change the gameplay code and test it with multiple people for a month. The reason I dislike reading “how to balance the game threads” is because it’s baseless gameplay design. I’ve been very experienced with this stuff. You can write something down and think long and hard about it and hope that it plays well, but when you implement it into the game it does not play well.


The year for development is once it goes on Early Access. So from April 2016 - April 2017. It’s also an estimate and if it takes longer, it takes longer. Game development is always about solving tough issues and sometimes those issues take longer than expected and are very hard to predict.


Well said, Macdguy. Yet again, you are what most people consider the head dev, so…

I have a question that can sort of go with this, whats going on with the streams? I don’t know if it’s told in the discord chat but I don’t see any updates on the stream. The date is still 7/8 where nothing happened.

We’re doing a stream tomorrow. We missed one because of our meet up, and another because I was moving and couldn’t get the stream setup.


I just want to say congrats to the op of this thread for organising their thoughts in a polite and non-offensive manner and congrats to mac for responding equally professionally.

I’m probably going to get flak for bringing this up



Shut down. OP complained because a game that obviously isn’t finished isn’t finished. I’m amazed GMT lasted as long as it did without imploding due to the mess that is Gmod.

I posted at a bad time, not being able to reply till now. But that’s irrelevant. Thanks for the quick and informative reply. I didn’t mean for the post to sound super negative or rude. I had a few concerning questions without any answers.

One problem though, the virus situation is still kind of in the air. You sound confident about your statement I can agree. However the problem remains that the gamemode still needs work and people have been open with ideas.

If possible, mind if I suggest some sort of community feedback gathering. Make a big thread requesting ideas and thoughts, gather the suggestions you think are great to work with and possibly make a open beta for players to give back feedback? I mean it sounds like alot for a gameworld but everyone would win in the end, right?


I approve this message CrazyMikeComics. I won’t be playing Tower unite again until;

  • I am able to actually connect to the Official PixelTail Plaza, so I can spend some of my millions.
  • I finally get my Backer Brick on the boardwalk, which was promised months ago.
  • casino, or at least Poker gets released.

Long story short is that I invested two years into this game to be #1 in units and hours. Now I feel it is pointless to join when I used to look forward to playing daily.


I believe they wanted to do the nightly/weekly builds again at some point (though you might have already known that). I think that would be a great way to test some of the more major balance changes. Obviously they don’t need to limit it to Virus changes; quite frankly, it would be a great way to test out just about any major change, such as new Planet Panic features.

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you just sound like a spoiled entitled girl with too much time on her hands

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Indeed, I am :slight_smile:



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