Ranks Reset


So after making a workshop item for a friend, I was having issues uploading it. I came to find that I couldn’t upload due to the game being family shared. I got my brother to upload it from his account instead; all good. When I checked my account after, I found all my ranks have been reset. Could my ranks please be restored? I don’t want to have to do all that work again.

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Did you use any macros?

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I did not use any macros, nor have I ever.

My ranks have been restored, other than for the condo and lobby. I hadn’t earned any higher ranks on those yet, so it isn’t too much of a loss, but I’m glad my game ranks are back. Thank you!

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Hello, glad to see most of your stats fixed themselves automatically. I was able to restore 100,000 missing Lobby EXP, but unfortunately I don’t have any records for restoring the condo EXP.