Random Events

Just add some spice to the lobby.
Like for example:
-A robot flying in the sky for a bit just off the boardwalk, and Midori’s song could be faintly heard in the distance.

-A whale in the ocean

-The clouds separating with a harp riffing and Rob’s TU avatar’s face appearing in the separated clouds for like 5 -mins. (Damn you copyright)

-A BallRace ball falling from the sky and popping when it hits the ground.

-Your condo can have everything appear upside down when you enter it every once in awhile.

-You enter your condo and a message box appears saying “Something feels off” then 10 seconds later the lights flicker then a ghost flies through your field of vision. (This ghost could be Mr. Sunabouzu) and if you use a bed instead of the little tune playing, it could be faint footsteps, a eerie growl, and a ghost appearing above you as you awake.

-You enter your condo and there are bear bottles everywhere

-A player in the lobby randomly becomes a virus and can infect people. This could last like 30 mins.

-A cruise ship passes by the boardwalk

-A rusted blue sign with a distinguishable “g” on it could wash up on shore.

-A UFO flies by and abducts the TU statue at the fountain, then promptly returns it 15 mins later.

-A treasure chest washes up on shore, using it awards you with Units.

-The fog on the ocean clears up and you could see other tall towers off in the distance.

-A humanoid figure appearing on the top of the tower

-When you’re looking at a bed, glowing eyes could appear under it every once in awhile.

-When in the movie theater, a random event could happen where a message box appears saying “I’ve restrained to the seat!” and rocket ship noises can be heard until the roof of the theater opens sending players to the moon where they can watch videos on the moon until they are done.

-The clouds part in the sky and you can faintly see the first Ballrace map in the sky.

-A tsunami strikes the tower putting everything underwater. The shop keepers are now in scuba gear and so are you.

-TVs that are not being actively used start showing a random match of Slaughter Day Night Live. With announcers making remarks of the match. I.e when a player dies with varying reactions.

-A UFO could crash onto the beach.

-When you enter your condo, there could be police tape everywhere and a chalk outline of a dead person.

-When a game world is starting, the teleporter could break and leave everyone in the queue, in a dimension that is all swirly and weird. You can fly around. This will last for like 2 mins, you’re then put into your gameworld with a Unit reward for the inconvenience.

-When walking through the lobby, you could randomly find a Unit on the ground. A message box appears, saying “Oooh, a Unit” You’ll gain one Unit

-On TVs that aren’t being used, it could show a Property advert with footage of a very large tower that resembles Lobby 1. On the screen it could say “Large tower for sale.”

-On TVs that aren’t being used, it could show a news channel with footage of a hospital, with police tape covering the entrance. The caption for the news topic could be “Mysterious virus breakout”

-On TVs that aren’t being used, a news station would be reporting on a mysterious robot flying through the sky.

-On TVs that aren’t being used, a news station could be reporting on possible Rob appearances, listing the last known location. That location being a server name.

-On TVs that aren’t being used, a Home Furnishing show could be displaying the Haunted Mansion in Panic at Horror Hill

-It could literally start raining cats and dogs.

-Empty Ballrace balls could wash up on shore or fall from the sky

-When using the Rollercoaster, the rollercoaster could detach from the track and fly to a rollercoaster track on the moon.

-A window in the Tower could randomly break and have someone fall out followed by bear bottles. Strobe lights can be seen coming out of the now broken window

-Different windows in the Tower could randomly start changing color to signify a party.

-A rusted helmet of a Tiny Crusader could wash up on shore

---------------------------------------------------New ones below

-A large group of crabs slowly walk out of the water and slowly start invading the Tower

-A spontaneous dance party breaks out in the lobby forcing everyone to dance for 10 seconds (Flashy lights and bass heavy music included)

-When looking at the hills, Go Karts from Accelerate can be seen jumping over a hill and then disappearing from sight.

-A group of Tiny Crusaders running out of the Gameworld Ports while being chased by the wind up dragon, they’ll eventually return to the Gameworld Ports and teleport back.

-A group of Survivors running out of the Gameworld Ports while being chased by a group of Virus, they will eventually return to the Gameworld Ports and teleport back.

-A horde of zombies shamble out of the sea!

-When equipping your Jetpack, you can have a chance of dropping it with a message box saying “Damnit, I dropped my Jetpack” When you drop your Jetpack you caused it to malfunction causing you to have sporadic air control and your view flips all over. This can be fixed by re-equipping the jetpack.

-When at night in the lobby, the lights may flicker and ghosts may start appearing randomly everywhere

-During the day, the sun may have Rob’s face on it.

-During the night, You might be able to faintly see a minigolf course on the moon

-When at night in the lobby, everyone may #getspooked by spooky scary skeletons

-When at night in the lobby, the bricks with backer names inscribed on them may start glowing rainbow colors.

-When entering your condo, you may #getspooked by spooky scary skeletons

-The Ferris Wheel could start spinning abnormally fast.

-If your avatar gets fucking smashed from drinking to much beer, he/she may start hallucinating and seeing ghosts in their peripherals.

-When entering your condo, instead of your condo you’re greeted with a very long hallway

-When returning from a gamemode you may be greeted with a long hallway instead of the Lobby

-Golf balls may randomly start pouring out of the Gameworld Ports

-When playing bumper cars, you may have a chance of being bumped out of existence. With a white flash and a sudden silence. (This will bring you to the same area as the broken teleporter thing)

-When playing lazer tag, your lazer gun may malfunction and utterly decimate the person you hit. The person is then rewarded a Unit prize for the inconvenience

-When returning from a Gameworld, the teleporters may malfunction and your group may get caught in non-existence

-Lamp posts may have exploding light bulbs when night reaches the lobby.

-During the night in the lobby, the moon might be replaced with a skull with a constellation nearby spelling out #getspooked

-When riding the water slide, the water jets may malfunction and send you and your tube flying away when you reach the bottom

-If your character is of heavy weight, he/she may get stuck in the slide.

-When bowling, a sudden plot twist turns your bowling ball into a bomb that explodes giving you a free strike.

-Everyone one in the lobby may spontaneously combust during Noon in the lobby.
----------------------------------------------------------------------Even more new ones!!!
-A meteor crashes into the ocean, everyone is blown back and ragdolled due to the shockwave

-Earthquake!!! Everything in the condos starts falling over.

-Beer rain, everyone is now drunk

-Acid Rain, everyone is now a skeleton

-Cold wave, everything is covered in ice and slippery

-Heat wave, all the water has dried up.

-Black hole! A black hole opens in the middle of the lobby, sending those who get sucked in to non-existence

-Worm hole! A worm hole opens in the middle of the lobby, sending you to a random place in the lobby.

-Gluttonous Rain, everyone is now fat

-Chocolate Rain!!! (If it isn’t copy written, add the song?)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Holy shit more?

-A large group of Go Karts pour out of the gameworld ports, making a circuit around the lobby before returning to the Gameworld port

-A random player in the lobby randomly has a group of crabs start following them around.

-Strange figures can be seen on top of buildings, gazing at them too long will cause them to step back out of sight

-A random player may randomly have a ton birds start flying around him/her

-When cooking, you’ll have a chance of summoning the flying spaghetti monster. The monster becomes an equipable pet! (Yes he is copyrighted, but the creators are contactable and are able to negotiate Privacy Policy – Spaghetti Monster)

-When you’re about to use a melon in any sort of cooking action, it may jump out of your hands and summon a group of melons that will start attacking you by throwing themselves at you. They will eventually squash themselves.

-When using a Banana in some sort of cooking action it may turn into a Banana Gun and shoot your player in self defense

-When using the drums or guitar, you may rock so hard you may rock out of existence

-Mysterious Rain, everyone is now an alien.

-Salty Rain, everyone is now a crab (Yup, that is how it works.)

-Coffee Rain, everyone runs at an accelerated speed

-Infectious Rain, everyone is now a zombie

-Etherall Rain, everyone is now a ghost

-Melon Juice Rain, everyone is now a self propelling melon

-Banana Juice Rain, everyone is now a self propelling banana

-Carrot Juice Rain, everyone is now a carrot (Including Rob Schneider)
______________________________Suggestions that aren’t mine!
-[quote=“vtipoman, post:50, topic:1235, full:true”]
If we ever get the Stanley’s parable guy, we’ll need him to record "And so, Stanley entered his Condo… oh, sorry. Wrong game

[quote=“DignifiedPeach, post:62, topic:1235, full:true”]
Maybe if they actually walked around their shop…like, cleaning glass display cases, hanging up shirts and stuff. It’d be interesting and you could make a relatively simple animation loop…
[/quote] (Basically shopkeepers do shit)

[size=40] I’ve added even more new ones [/size]
More to come, Don’t be afraid to suggest your own, also please tell me your favorites.


Would be wonderful easter eggs, It would be even better if they were all randomized when they would happen, so you could NEVER predict when exactly one was going to happen.


I love these ideas, some even made me laugh.


I like the idea of bits of the old tower washing up on shore, like a mouldy, soggy Obama cut out.


This would add SO MUCH personality into the world and wouldn’t be that hard to make.
Big +1!


Everything here… is amazing.


I’d like a runescape like system wherein you get a random event and after completing a challenge get some Units/an item for your condo. Would be nice.

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I think lobby 1 style events should make a comeback. I really enjoyed those, no matter how laggy they were.


This list is excessive. :smile:

My favorite would have to be the cruise ship.


Alot of the things on this list made my face light up. The devs need to see this!


This is such a good idea. I’m getting excited just thinking of the possibilities.

These ideas would certainly be welcome. It would spice up the lobby quite a bit!

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There’s a lot here that’s over the top, however i really like the idea of lobby 1/2 easter eggs!

Also the colour changing windows to display a party thing sounds amazing, and probably easy to do aswell!

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this is great. if they put all of this in i would be so happy.

Haha, I really like the ballrace ball falling and popping. It makes it seem like these games are happening in the same universe.

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I love these ideas. But I have one of my own: Have martians beam down to the lobby (if the skybox is night) abducting random players/shop keepers for about 5 minutes. And if you are abducted, you get a random martian-themed item for your condo as a reward for the inconvenience (and possibly the shopkeepers that are abducted will sell a random martian item for a limited time).

And for a small amount of time while you are abducted, you can faintly see the martians standing over you in their UFO.


Over the top stuff shows their dedication and care for the game. Plus it is hilarious and/or cool.


These are pretty neat.


[size=6] oh my god, I got noticed by senpai [/size]


Noticed by sempi you say?