Wandering Merchant Random Event

So this was an Idea I just kind of threw together in the IRC Chat. This could easily be considered too exclusive or what not, but I was gestured to post the idea here and see how it went.

This mechanic idea, at least where I got this idea from, was taken from Animal Crossing.

Basically, the idea goes like this. There are these wandering merchants, selling exclusive items. These items aren’t necessarily expensive, but they are rare. The reason they are rare, is because these merchants only appear monthly. But when exactly during the month, is unknown. You could login one day, and find a Salesman walking around the Plaza, but an hour later they’re gone, and you’ll have to wait until they come back. Each time they come back, they might have a different selection of items. Making the items have a rarity and adding that special element of “OH YEAH! Got that rare item.”

This mechanic could be adapted to much more than just a store front. Maybe even and Item exchange. A merchant could ask you, hey, have any “beds”, and if you gave them one, they might in-return hand over a special item. Something like that.

Anyway, just an Idea. I’d be interested to see the feedback. Something like this MIGHT have already been suggested in the Random Events Thread already however.


While this is a good idea in principle, the major concern I have is to do with time zones, as you may not get a certain item or miss a particular merchant because you were asleep or something. This may also force people to only play on servers within their timezone and may not be able to play with friends in the USA for instance that they have made on Gmod Tower just to get a certain item.

The missing an item because you are asleep is kind of the point of this however. It’s a RARE thing that might happen. Timezone’s don’t really have anything to do with it either, as these events could happen when even the server is empty, or super late at night.

Also I don’t see why it’d be restrictive to servers, since you should be easily able server-hop in Tower Unite, it’s not like everything is tied to one server anyway, unless your playing un-ranked, which in that instance this idea probably wouldn’t even take affect in.


Great idea. About heaving them randomly appear once in a while but not weekly is good too. How about improving it a bit more? Like in many asian RPG’s and possibly Runescape had fairy rings found throughout the world map that teleport players to random destinations, although its not exactly random as the Fairy ring has a different kind of transportation system. Fairy rings are affected by astronomical events, such as, moon cycle - during eclipse the fairy ring from one particular location will teleport you to a designated fairy ring in some other continent, but during full moon it will teleport to a castle. The destination changes according to moon phases and other astronomical events which aren’t really weekly but does occur once a month or once a year.

So making the merchant spawn during full moon or eclipse or other astronomical events would be a great addon to this idea. UE has skybox plugins that are day/night cycles, they also poses moon cycle and other astronomical events like eclipse and meteor shower. We could attach a code that triggers the merchant script, and does whatever the merchant script has- spawn merchant, spawn a list of items that merchant will sell at that event etc.

Wabbit merchant return for TU???

I’m 100% down for this.

Good idea but once a month would be too long for only an hour try a day or have it every week or something. Still awesome idea.

The timing could be changed, and if implemented, I would assume there would be more than one merchant and appeared different times of the month. So you might see a couple every now and then, but they wouldn’t be the SAME couple.

Yeah thats what i like the random items and stuff but maybe have it for a day a month instead of an hour you know?

But that would ruin the point, they’re SUPPOSED to be rare. If you weren’t on the hour they were available, tough shit. This isn’t supposed to be accessible to everyone all the time, you gotta get lucky.

If anything I would prefer it to be even rarer than that. Like, an hour every other month. The only thing I’ll be worried about is if the items sold will even be worth it. Personally I don’t want something rare just cuz it’s rare.

Okay well some people have lives outside of video games. I have high school, Drivers ed, friends, sleep, unpacking boxes, and alot more. I cant just sit around a computer all day waiting for a merchant and only for an hour? no way i wouldnt count it as worth it.

The whole idea wasn’t meant to be revolving around you WAITING for something. It’s suppose to be some rare occurrence that might happen one day. Kind of like Shiny Pokemon. You just sort of stumble upon it.


Then don’t worry about it. If you’re not going to wait for something then it’s not for you. Get the collectives you can and forget the ones you can’t. The game isn’t going to revolve around one person’s schedule besides the creator. If you can’t get it then don’t worry, others will get it and there will be things you get that they’ll miss probably.

I imagine the rarity of the wandering merchant would have to be fairly balanced if the selling of items in the Steam Market ever becomes a thing. Too common will make the worth of the items sold decrease, and too rare would make them nearly impossible to obtain without some person broadcasting the arrival to the entire server.

The items sold could be the main items sold in the Steam Market, due to their rarity. Very common items would be worthless because there isn’t much demand for them and a huge supply of them. In fact, in a virtual world with easily obtainable currency, only the items rarely sold or obtained would be remotely worth the money to buy off the Market.

If the Steam Market is confirmed, then by all means, add in some hard to obtain items. The travelling merchant should rarely appear in multiple different places (one place at a time) and sell a randomly selected list of items, with really rare listings that would thus be worth a lot in the Steam Market. Players who are there and can afford said items can supply the Steam Market for those who missed out to buy from them if they really wanted to.

If the Steam Market isn’t introduced, maybe make the items a tad more common by making the travelling merchant appear more often. I don’t really want to trade with people to obtain those items.

How about making merchants show u a random list each time u click, and lets throw in a time limit of 30 seconds so the list changes?

Still missing the point one hour is a short window of opportunity maybe do 1 day out of the month or if they make it that rare then add an item lottery of that months merchant. like the wheels but a bit different.

Jam did i say it revolved around me? no I was referring to myself but it could be anyone, people like you really get on my nerves, taking things out of context. plus this is supposed to be a fun community not acidic go away if your going to be toxic. Also it is only a suggestion we are allowed to speak our minds and provide input for it.

That is pretty much the entire point of the idea. It IS a short window of opportunity. It’s a random hour a month. It’s for RARE ITEMS.

im still saying its short and im done i think its short and thats my opinion im allowed to have an opinion.