Question: what's up with the GMT third party content in the workshop?

First of all, I remember this site is mainly about tower unite, but as far as I get, it also includes GMT related topics as well. So I figured I might try asking a question here, in case if developers can give an answer here, or, if not, at least some people could leave and sum up their opinions onto what happened.

As far as I know, GMT:Reunion is still running, its site’s online, giving instructions on downloading content and all that stuff. But the “third party content” was removed or hidden from the workshop, and I feel like noone but developers (or Macdguy himself) can know better why that happened. So if it’s not some sort of secret, it’d be cool to get to know what actually happened with those addons and whether/how soon they are going to be brought back to publicity.

As mentioned in the discord by a couple of individuals, it may not be a good look on the business side of things as they are a company hosting other companies content publicly without their permission. While that may not be the true reason, that would be my guess. I wish there was another way to download the content so players don’t have to ask for the content from others.

Isn’t it legal if it’s free for use product in the workshop?
Also in this case you wouldn’t say they are hosting the content themselves

Workshop items can be DMCA’d. And the content they were hosting wasn’t there content. I think what I mentioned above is why they got taken down.