Question regarding Bug Report guidelines

In the Bug Report board, the guidelines note as follows:

“If a previously reported bug has not been resolved in awhile and it still effects you, please DO NOT make a new thread. Please bump the existing bug report with relevant/recent information.”

What would be the proper course of action if the reported bug in question has not been resolved (this one specifically, if anyone is for any reason curious), but has also expired far past the board’s 15-day closing time (and thus cannot be bumped)? Is it acceptable to re-report the bug in this case? Would it be necessary to link back to the original report if doing so? Or do I just assume it’s still on the dev team’s to-do list and let it be?

In terms of this bug in particular, the speedboat bugs get pointed out pretty frequently. I figure it’s simply not high on the priority list, and it’s probably gonna be touched up in the ocean expansion update (whenever that may be). Most buggy milestones like this are known by the devs, it’s just a matter of getting around to them in time.

Otherwise, if it’s a bug that’s been lingering for a long time without any fixes or additional bug reports, it’d probably be best to make a new, updated bug report with a link to any previous ones. The devs read everything on the forums, but if it’s years old then it could have just been forgotten.