QOL: Blocking Volumes: Block Voice Chat Option

This should be easy enough as it doesn’t require adding anew item to the game.

I proposed the Blocking Volume gets a new toggle added: Voice Chat.

People inside the volume are unable to use voice chat, and IDEALLY they also wouldn’t hear any voice chat from outside of the volume.

Scenarios this would be useful:

  • People watching TV in the condo media room, while others are in the next room having a conversation.
  • Larger gathering areas with many people (People in the kitchen’s chat won’t overlap people outside on the deck).
  • Basically every theater condo.
  • Condos that like super realistic RP (Private meetings, confessionals, etc.)

I’m sure people could find many uses for this.

This would also be good to prevent voices from bleeding across rooms so you can hear your friends if you’re in the same room but not the two people talking about Path of Exile in the next room.


Absolutely does my head in when you and your friends are watching a video on a media player while in a public condo, and all the *randos do is gatecrash to obstruct visibility of the media player and start shit talking over the video, almost as if they have zero netiquette



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