Putting multiple PNGs into one big PNG to reduce lag?


So my suite’s gotten really laggy because I have so many canvases in it. Would it help if I took multiple PNG canvases and combined them into just one PNG canvas through Photoshop? Instead of having each PNG a separate canvas?


Probably, you’d just have to resize it. It may decrease the quality, while also increasing the file size, however. It’s worth a shot, either way though.


If you are using Photoshop (not GIMP or some other program), you can also try using the “Save for Web” export option (File -> Export -> Save for Web) using something like the PNG-24 preset. It should substantially reduce file size (though YMMV) while maintaining similar image quality.

I’m assuming that you’re lagging because of VRAM usage, so reducing the file size of your canvases should help reduce the amount of VRAM used.


Will give that a shot thanks!