Public Beta Testing: And How You Can Be Part of Them!

Recently on our Discord, we introduced a new public beta testing channel and user role.

What Are Public Betas?

Public betas are short lived beta tests of an upcoming update to Tower Unite. They are builds of the game that include new features that we’re eager to release, but want to test with people before shipping it out to everyone in the game. They’re a lot more bug filled than the normal game and could have certain features disabled.

Why Public Betas?

Public betas usually come out just before a major update. We’re using these public betas to iron out any immediate bugs or issues before making major updates to the game. Yes, we’re in Early Access, but also we want to eliminate bugs upfront more often. We also use public betas to optimize the game and coordinate players to all join the test at once so we can profile the game.

You’ll have to redownload the entire game to opt into a beta. Also, you’ll end up seeing spoilers of new features. If that’s all cool with you, start reading down below on how to participate!

Our developers will be on monitoring the public beta, so it’s also a great time to hang out with the devs!

How To Participate

First, join our discord:
Once in, head to the #info-rules channel and click on the Checkbox reaction to the Public Beta Testing message for public beta notifications.

We usually will give a 24 hour notice before a public beta launches, so keep an eye on the #public-beta-testing Discord channel!

Once the public beta goes live, we’ll send a @ ping to everyone who is signed up for public betas.

Getting The Beta

In Steam, right click on Tower Unite in the library menu and click Properties. Head to the BETAS tab and select the beta to opt int from the drop down.

Select beta - Public Beta


Removing The Beta/Going Back to Normal Game

In Steam, right click on Tower Unite in the library menu and click Properties. Head to the BETAS tab and select the beta to opt int from the drop down.

Select NONE - Opt out of all beta programs


Does Progress Save During Betas?

Yes, all progress in public betas will save unless otherwise noted. This includes any units you’ve earned. Achievements may not save, however. Leaderboard data will be WIPED after any betas of new maps.

If you make changes to your Condo, it will save. We suggest that you make backups of your Condos (by using the snapshot tool) before making changes in the beta. We do test that the Condo data will save properly for every public beta, but we just want you to be on the safe side.

Can I Play With Players Who Are Not In The Public Beta?

No, you cannot. Once you are in the public beta, you will no longer be able to play with players who are not on the public beta. Public betas are short lived though and the new features will be pushed to the normal game soon after!

Can I Record or Stream Public Betas?

Absolutely! However, please inform anyone watching that it is a public beta and warn them of any spoilers ahead of time! Otherwise that’s just rude!

There Will Be Bugs!

Yes, as it’s a public beta, there will be many bugs!

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs here:

We’ll probably know some of the bugs already, but that’s okay.


No current betas. Stay tuned on our Discord!


Damn. What a huge improvement. I’ve gone from getting roughly 40-50 fps with frequent drops as low as 5-10 fps, to now getting a pretty constant 70-80 fps. Didn’t notice any significant drops.


Awesome to hear. Looks like all our optimizations are going well. Still got more to do!


I’ve been able to push to almost fully maxed settings and still have very acceptable performance which is leagues better than any previous build of the game.

Physics is kinda wonky though, in ball race (GLXY at least) your ball keeps bouncing when it shouldn’t on flat ground, and (pretty sure this is known ofc) the minigolf holes suck. If you don’t get the HIO hole on hole 4 of Waterhole, you’re screwed.

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Am I allowed to stream during public betas?

It literally says you can in the OP

I read it, then i ctrl+f stream and didn’t see it. thought i was insane because it should be mentioned. I didn’t consider the record thing, most games are like “sure you can record, but don’t release it until after it’s live” and thought to ask to play it safe. my bad.

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If it’s a public beta as this one is then of course it will be allowed as anyone can experience it, but if it is a closed beta than I could see the issue.

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Yep just didn’t want to assume. I thought if streams were ok they’d be specifically mentioned. Recordings need to be processed and come with descriptions built in, but anyone could join a stream without saying anything so in certain specific situations they could be misinformed because unless they asked they wouldn’t know it’s in beta or some other situation. I was going to go with putting the “public beta” info in stream title, but again, didn’t want to assume. It’s just as easy to be told “they didn’t SAY streams they only said recordings so ofc not streams” and didn’t want to piss anyone off but did so anyway :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the internet. Lol. In all seriousness, though, I wasn’t intentionally trying to sound mad. Was just pointing it out. I admit that I probably couldve phrased it better though. I’ve got Asperger’s, so I’m not always great at phrasing things correctly. Sorry if I bummed you out.

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