Prop Hunt / Hide and Seek?

As the title says , I would be curious to see if we could add a hiding/seeker game of some sort , of course up to TU to decide that. I think it would be an excellent game to add for those who like to be sneaky instead of murder fest , not driving or golfing ,and bouncing balls. It acts like a sort of calm adrenaline rush as seekers pass you by. While all the other game-modes are much better in terms of play-style , it would be nice to attend to those who wish to find hidden people or to hide in the face of death. I apologize if someone else has made a post of this , just wanted to get it out since a group of friends of mine love to play it when we get together.

I luv your idea. I rather play it in tower unite instead of GMod, but they might be copyrighted.

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Yes please. And maybe even a gamemode where someone is a ninja and the others are soldiers, and the ninja has to pick them off one by one? That would be a huge adrenaline rush, seeing one of your buddies being picked off in front of you as a blur passes by.

While prop hunt is very fun and all, it is something that is akin to GMod. A blatant port into a standalone game would be ill received and seem out of place in my opinion.

I can see it working as just Hide and Seek. Prop Hunt on a whole as said would feel out of place, but I can totally see it working on medium-sized maps and even the lobby.

If we think about it, Hide and Seek works more as a player-gimmick than a full Game World.

Yeah, don’t really need a gamemode for this as people are more likely to just go “Hey, dude, play hide and seek”

Yeah, like Cake said, this isn’t a good fit for the game world lineup that Tower Unite has going for it.
It’s way too basic and lacks any unique traits that would differentiate it from other games you could easily play on Garry’s Mod.
It also sounds pretty boring. It’s a game where you just sit in one spot until someone finds you. Woo, GOTY, right?

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