Probably asked here before but even if i launch my game on 1440p it doesnt get bigger than 1080p

just as the title suggests anyway i can actually get the game to work on 1440p?

actually regarding this any and every resolution is the same it doesnt change if i change it at all only works in windowed and whenever i set it to 1440p on windowed its the same as any fullscreen/borderless resolution

setting the user ui scale down to 80 makes the ui look better but it still looks like 1080p in any other aspect of the game this probably is a bug report by now

So…wait…are you playing in borderless windowed mode? If so, borderless windowed automatically sets the game resolution to be the same as your native resolution and so, you wont be able to change it. If this is happening in fullscreen mode however, then that’s strange.

i am playing in both fullscreen and borderless windowed and my native resolution is 1440p

Hmm…that is odd then. It should, theoretically, be locked to 1440p in borderless windowed but why is isn’t switching to 1440p in fullscreen is beyond me.

yeah probably should change the tag to bug report