Printable Unit bill/Foohybux

Have you ever wanted some TU stuff in real life but can’t because there is none? well now it is and you can make them for free (if you have a printer, some printer ink and some paper)

Now follow these instructions if you want some TU Dosh to spice up your home
(warning : it may not work if you have a different printer or something, idk i’'m not a wizard)

Steps :

step one

Go to file explorer and find your templates

step two

Right click those files and click print

step three

In the print menu select the size letter, but if you have a different printer than mine you may want to experiment with the paper sizes

step four

Make sure to uncheck fit picture to frame (this step is may be important depending on the printer, you may not need to uncheck this one but like i said experiment with printing it)

step five

Click print obviously

step six

Now if you want to print it double sided follow this step, flip the paper and insert it to the printer again, experiment with how you flip it

Ok now you have your own TU dosh, put it on a display or idk do what ever you want with it, its up to you

oh and i almost forgot here are the templates :

Template one

Template two

Well have fun

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P.S. dont use the template to print fake money, its illegal


Is there an ATM where i can convert my physical Units to digital Units?


no, its just props

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I am sure it is obvious enough that these unit bills are fake money. Units are not a real currency, so no one is gonna recognize it as real money.

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i meant replacing the unit bills with those of real currency then printing it out

“Now follow these instructions if you want some TU Dosh to spice up your home”


Update : gonna add more steps plus some pictures + i want to update the templates by adding edges

Oh and nice Gif you got there heavysteam

Update :
Hi im back again with an updated way to make this
First step is to print the first and second template with green paper (i used lagoon because why not)
Second step is to cut it out
Third step is to cut the green paper the same size as the bills as many as you want
Fourth step is the final one, make a stack 18 of the cut paper then put the front of the bill on the top facing out then put the back of the bill on the bottom facing down and make sure the blue thing gets aligned
Bonus step is to print out the ribbon templates and put them arround the wad of cash.

Now they should look like this by now

If they are, Congrats you followed the instructions

Templates :

P.s im not responsible for dicks getting stuck on toasters if the instructions are unclear


Amazing. Gunna be using these in my condo.

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Can we get the coin version as well?


Uh what do you mean using them in the condo?

The Unit images are jpgs, so you can attach them to canvases.

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We got the texture from that item

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Ok i just wanted to show it

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idk anymore but i deleted it

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please don’t delete posts once people responded to them

it makes the conversation look awful and not make any sense

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Opps sorry that was my fault

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HI, I went to the shop to buy a twix with around 20 foohybux, cashier tells me “wow are these the new bills? Who is that? Queen Elizabeth?” I started to panic and sweat so hard and she got really suspicious, now i’m going to jail under forging fraudulent tender charges, do you have a tutorial for this???


tell them your internet friends made you do it