Printable Unit bill/Foohybux


Its been about a year since my pc cant be used again because its being used as a video editing station and i miss playing tower unite, and now i have a masive black void that i try to fill with memes, aesthethic memes, depressing memes, dank memes and the indonesian version of dr.phil but its still so big it collapsed under its own weight and became a black hole… help me pls


Anyways thank you guys for this wonderful albeit sometimes toxic community, ill be posting again when i have the chance despite the fact about yknow, cant play TU and all


This is making me want a wod of dosh as a prop now.


Get some sharp sciccors or a karambit


also i used an emoji because badges

also @rrmm the image is not designed for the condo, there was another post for the condo version

yay first @ mention


It’s still for the condos as well, even if it’s in a different post.

Also, I posted those replies over a year ago.


sure you can but the size will be too big
also last year was about the same time i lost internet acsess

also @vtipoman i know its a long time for me to reply (reason above)
the coin version of units as a prop would not be easy to make, unless you’re satisfied with pasting the image to a boring old nickel, ill ask mac for the texture when i have the time


Ah, I didn’t mean it seriously. It probably won’t turn out nicely, but thanks anyway.

Question, when will we get TU merch?
Martex's condo UPDATE:Electric boogaloo... OF DOOM!

yeah making such small item using a cnc milling machine is not worth it, but you know whats worth making one using a cnc machine?

a turbo potato pc case


sorry for the necro, but the links are dead. anyone have any backups?


All I have


oh cool thanks
i already spent 45 minutes making a rob unit bill tho :frowning:


Have a cut out ready to use version, on the house!
Had it saved for a while, never used it.




picture doesnt load