Post-release Update

Hey everyone, we know that the initial release has been shaky. We wanted to let you know that we’re heavily focused on fixing crashes with the game and server. An update has been pushed out with this announcement, make sure to update your dedicated servers. Here’s what we’ve been up to since release:

Recent fixes:

  • Removed friends list on menu to fix frequent game stuttering
  • Fixed Linux Lobby server crash when players queue into a game world
  • Fixed Minigolf customization UI (C button) not working in some cases
  • Fixed early access notice button getting cut off at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed player customization options not appearing on Linux dedicated Lobby servers

Other minor changes:

  • Changed Refresh server button color to place more attention on the Create server button
  • Fixed RC car/boats being spawned in the air

What we’re actively working on:

  • Lobby servers reporting the server is full when it isn’t
  • “Your connection to the host has been lost.” message when attempting to join a Lobby server
  • Mouse sensitivity, mouse invert options
  • Key binding
  • Waiting for confirmation on resolution set
  • Virus weapons sometimes are invisible on first spawn

Thanks for supporting us and hopefully we can meet everyone’s expectations soon.


I still can’t play

What about fixing the crashes while playing virus?

They’re working on it dw (they’re only human) :smiley:

Thank you for the quick fix! The Linux Lobby server crashing was especially annoying as I had to keep on restarting my server :stuck_out_tongue:

vcredist_arm.exe is meant for ARM processors, as far as I know.

i cant conect to a server it keeps frezeing when i try to join

Is there a full changelog for the 0.0.18-0.1 update anywhere? I can’t see it among the other changelog posts on this board, but I could easily have missed something.

I hope people can understand that it’s early access.
Yeah, I know, it has a lot of bugs, but in a couple of weeks/months, the game should be bootiful, let’s be calm, Pixeltail games won’t disappoint us.


loading happens source engine style at the moment. that means you just have to stare at the loading screen for some time.

How do we host our own lobby servers? There’s no in-game option, and no way to download the dedicated server software from steam. Also, do we need to be signed into steam to host a server? I want to set up another computer to host a server, but if I have to be signed into my steam account, or own the game on the account I’m playing on, I probably won’t be able to host a server.

Yeah, I haven’t found an option to create our own lobby.

You have to use SteamCMD for now. You can use anonymous when logging in.

Everything you need to know

How come no matter what I do when I use my Geforce Gt 740m how come i can only play tower unite with all the settings at low and the resolution scale at about half to get 30 fps and my resolution is set at 1920 x 1080.

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Still faster than Garry’s Mod

In gmod i was always at a stable 30 to 50 but for some reason on tower i cant maintain good fps

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Well, it’s a mobile chipset after all. You can’t expect it to hold up fantastically on newer games, especially those released using UE4.

Yea, I guess so, but it has handled pretty well on most games when on high settings so it just seems odd to me that it can’t handle a game with everything on low

Optimisation hasn’t been a priority yet. Also your CPU might be a bottleneck instead. This is the case with my GTX 970 and my i7-4790k. My CPU is clearly a bottleneck in the lobby.