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Hello. My name is Joseph Stardust. I am a GMod Tower donator and diehard fan and supporter of both GMod Tower AND Tower Unite. I congratulate you reaching your Indiegogo goal, but I have a suggestion.

My computer is a potato. It can run Garry’s Mod just fine, but when I log into GMod Tower, my framerate drops drastically. And I’m worried that my crap PC can’t meet the minimum requirements to run Tower Unite.

So, my suggestion is that you PLEASE develop a version of Tower Unite for next-generation consoles (Xbox One AND PlayStation 4 as to not start a console war). If this cannot be done, I would like to know which version of the Steam Machine I may buy as to easily and seamlessly run Tower Unite at a solid 30 frames per second at least.

Thank you all for the fun times and happy memories, and long live the hype for Tower Unite!

We have no plans at this time to develop on consoles.

You should try out:

Our minimum requirements at this time are:

Yeah, my PC had integrated Intel HD graphics, and I don’t think I’ll be available to purchase or receive a new computer on Chistmas this year. How do you think I could fix this problem? What is this performance tester? Which Steam Machines will run Tower Unite best?

If the graphics card is your only problem, I’d just buy a graphics card. Amazon’s got the GTX 460 for around $50. I tried looking up the specs for the Alienware Steam Machine (it’s the cheapest at $500) but couldn’t find much.

EDIT: Also, the performance tester is a program you can download to see if your computer can handle UE4. With Integrated Graphics, though, it’s highly unlikely

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The thing is, I can’t change graphics cards. All the components in my all-in-one are welded to the motherboard, so I can’t upgrade them in any way.

There’s no extra addon slots. Some of the stuff is supposed to be attached to it but there should be some addon slots. I don’t know much about all-in-ones. Maybe they sacrifice the slots to save space. If so, then yeah, you’ll probably have to invest in either a new pc or steam machine. I’ll see if I can find anymore about the specs of the steam machines

EDIT: Ok so, the Alienware Steam Machine has 4 different versions and the better 2 of them can run TU. Only problem that I didn’t think about before is the TU would have to support SteamOS, which as far as I know, it currently doesn’t.

You can build a cheap gaming pc (around $500) that will most likely run this game at 60fps depending on your settings. You can go on pcpartpicker and make something you’ll like, I made this pcpartpicker list for a $550 pc without an OS

Just to add to this, I’m a big fan of CyberPowerPC. Got my last 2 PCs from them.

Okay, I tried the test, and I get 10FPS on lowest quality, just under 2FPS on the highest quality.

I looked up the Alienware Steam Machine, and I’m not entirely sure on it, as the graphics card is the NVIDIA GForce GTX 860 M, which I heard isn’t that great compared to normal GTX cards. But I think that’s my only logical choice if I want a cheap system that runs games like TU and others I like at nice framerates. Do Steam Machines support keyboard/mouse and/or other controllers like the Xbox One controller?

And I also heard you can install Windows 10 onto the Steam Machine, since it is technically a full computer. Do you think it could run it, then?

Also, what do you think about the Syber Steam Machines? I looked them up, and they seem promising.

As far as I know, they can only run SteamOS. And yes, the M versions are mobile processors so they aren’t quite as good but the 860 should be fine even as a mobile. They do support keyboard and mouse, if I’m not mistaken but not other controllers.

Also, I just found a better option anyway. The Alienware Alpha. It’s just a normal PC but with a small form factor. It’s basically the same as their Steam Machine but running Windows and functioning just like a normal PC. Basically the same price, too. I’d go with that.

I believe it’s just a pc running steam operating system. Fair game if you wipe it and install windows I think.

Okay, everyone. I figured out some more information.

The name of my current computer is the Lenovo IdeaCentre B540, and as far as I know, I cannot change the graphics card on it.

I’ve decided to get a regular Gaming PC instead of a Steam Machine or the Alienware Alpha, but I am strapped for cash. I do want to investigate pcpartpicker.com, but I have a spending limit. I want to be able to run other Steam games at decent framerates, too. But, I also want the case to only be either the NZXT H440 Designed by Razer edition, or the NZXT S340 Designed by Razer edition. Do you think you all could give me part suggestions as to what to buy for my build?

Well, depends on the budget.
What’s your price range?

I personally would recommend building your own PC, since it’s way cheaper, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, /r/buildmeapc can probably do the work for you. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of putting it together, I’d avoid Alienware, since they’re known for making their products way overpriced.

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It depends on my Christmas haul, actually. I know I’ll be selling my old Xbox One for this since I’m getting the Forza 6 one with more storage. I’m working on a post for that subreddit right now, actually.

There’s no CD drive, so there’d be no way to install a new OS.

Don’t know much about pcpartpicker.com but cyberpowerpc.com has a great selection of parts and they build the pc for you and ship it to you. As for parts, just look at the specs of some games you want to play and get parts that meet the games requirements. If you want help, just PM me and I can help you out if you want.

860 mobile user here. I can play just cause 3 on it no problem.

You do know you can install an OS from a USB memory stick, right?

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Welp, I feel stupid. For some reason my brain just kinda turned off and I forgot USB sticks were a thing. lol