You do not have to friend a person in order to talk to them on steam -.-


That is true, I apologize. But having an in-game message service would be cool, because you can immediately bring up your phone, click on the person you want to talk to, and type to them. It would save a few seconds because you wouldn’t have to click on their icon to bring up their steam profile and risk forgetting what you want to say to them.


Fishing HYPE! Very glad to see it win. I’ll probably spend a stupid amount of time fishing like I do in most games.


Drones were pretty popular. :open_mouth:

I hope they are considered in the future.


Me, too! They could be great machinima tools.


Agh, damn. I was really hoping for customizable karts. Though I have to ask: why fishing? Yeah, you could catch cool stuff and sell it or use it, but apart from that, I don’t see a whole lot of appeal to it.


I think this whole thread can help some people understand why most people choose fishing. Some still don’t get it, but overall, it was quite the heated discussion.


Agreed on that one, polite whale, especially the heated part


Brilliant game cant wait.


I can’t believe fishing won. That was like the first or second thing I ruled out as a choice. But since it was chosen, hopefully it’s done right. I think drones would have been a lot cooler and more useful, but maybe fishing will be cool.

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