I need to do a very hard choice! ALL OF THEM ARE SUPER! I don’t really know…

EDIT1: Will there be a new goal? I think donate will be active like yesterday! :slight_smile:
EDIT2: I went for fishing… EVEN IF THEY ALL GREAT! :frowning: (I hope the 5 will happen :blush:)


I can’t pick!!! I want them all!


The reason why the Google Account is needed is to try to avoid extra/botted votes. I get that it might sound weird but that’s mostly the reson. You can make a google account with your current email tough, you don’t actually need a GMail one.


I went for custom karts


All such good features, but we can only have one. I chose Fishing, but I would really like to see all these features come in at some point in Tower Unite’s lifespan. Up to the Devs if they put them all in.


I was actually really torn between custom karts and condo lighting. I really wanted condo lighting so that I can truly transform a space to how I want it but at the same time kart customization sounds like a really really awesome thing that I want to do…

Went with condo lighting and said sorry to my kart


You could also create a account that you never use.


This was a hard choice; I was really liked all of the choices! It was a close one between fishing and drones for me, but I ended up deciding drones would be the best bet. Seriously, though, any one of them would be a good choice!


I chose customizable karts. :smile:


After a long debate. Me and my 3 friends picked Fishing. It was hard to decide over Custom Karts. But I’m very excited to see how it goes.


And if you have a youtube account, you most likely already have a google account by now :U


After a cold long debate… I picked drones. But I would like to see some if not all of them surface to existence one day


Imagine a remote controlled tank that could shoot out confetti rockets at people… SHUT UP AND TANK MY MONEY!!!


I really want smartphones. :smile:


I went for the cellphones :slight_smile:


Honestly whats the point of cellphones when you could just communicate through steam!?


Survey ends tonight at 11:59PM PST



Only if you’re willing to add everyone on the server to your friends list.


I was thinking this. But thought I’d get bashed if I said it. I feel like it’d be a waste of time to make when it’d barely be used due to Steam. So I voted for fishing as imo it’d add the most content.


Survey is now closed.

Thanks for all the feedback!

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