In this poll, the community picks our 70K stretch goal!

That’s right, you’ll be deciding what goes into the game.

To vote simply head over to our survey

Vote fast, as the survey will end on August 14th and we’ll reveal the result and the winning feature on August 15th! We’ll sharing the results on our Twitch channel at 3PM PST. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/pixeltailgames

Survey results are in!

The winner is…



It’s amazing how the campaign got over 5k in one day! :grin:


Does the fishing turn the fish into a item that you can then cook via Cooking?


Fishing? Hell yes!

Really happy to see that on here, no joke.

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Man, you made this one hard. I went with Drones.


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this was a hard poll, wish i could pick all of them, but i stay with tanks

I feel like I’m gonna be in the minority with this one but I think the condo lights would be really sick.


I went for the condo lights, cuz I think that would be cool to use for parties and social gatherings and stuff when you want to take a break from games. It was also closest to what I wanted to suggest as an option that may have been a bit much. But I think it would’ve been cool to possibly have multiple personal spaces other than the condo that might have been available for purchase like real estate and customizable like the condo. Idk how hard that would be with how the servers are setup though, So hopefully condo lights wins! (;

Wow, I had a hard time choosing one. All of these sound great.

Tough choice, all of them sound nifty. I hope they all see the light of day at some point though.

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if all of them see the light of day then there’s no point in having the “community pick” though

Sorta, if they all see the light of day eventually then it just means that the community pick was a "which one should we focus the most energy on first while laying the rest aside. even if they decided to develop the top 2 or something, it would still have been a community pick. :grin:

Wow, that’s a toughie. They all seem like great ideas. Fishing was the one I least wanted, but I still want it. I ended up voting for drones. Zoom, that’ll be great for YouTube! But when the announcement comes, I’ll be happy if any of these come, they are all great, and imagine if they ALL came, I think I’d be dreaming. Actually, I think I’m dreaming, we raised 5k in a single day…

Drones seems fantastic!


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It probably won’t be the winner, but fishing is so addictive in video games for some reason.

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Picked up fishing as well. If it’s done right it can even become a way funner activity than it sounds likes. If I had another go at a vote, I would most likely vote for drones since the suggestion thread looks so good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now is there a way to vote there without having to log in? I don’t have a google account (I use outlook for an email), and I don’t really wanna make one just to vote in this poll.