Poll: Favorite Chimera Hunt Map GAMEPLAY


I personally think many pepole liked the open maps (Headquarters) beacuse chimera were easy to catch in open places


I loved Falloff, purely because I could tailwhip pigmasks off the cliffs as the Chimera


Saturn Valley, brings back so many memories


I loved:
Club Titiboo
Saturn Valley


Shady oaks was always my favorite map. It was extremely underrated for how intricately-designed it was. Another fun one would be Woodlands, due to its varied gank points. Sadly, these maps aren’t the most popular, so they probably won’t get selected, but I still have hope for a release somewhere in the future! Bring back Shady Oaks! There was also one with a campsite, looked like this.

I have fond memories of this map, but unfortunately it’s not listed.
Club Titiboo was one heck of a map, and I can’t wait for it’s remastered/refurbished release!

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