Poll: Favorite Chimera Hunt Map GAMEPLAY


Since Campgrounds isn’t on here, I voted for Club Titaboo. I would’ve picked downtown after that.

I’d like to also take this moment to throw some shade and say if you want to exclude a map for being awful, you should’ve left Headquarters out of the poll instead.


Downtown, Falloff and Woodlands were my jam, kinda saddening to see their voting percentages so low.


I’m genuinely confused how anybody enjoyed club. It was not fun to play as chimera whatso ever and very cramped.
Maybe the first couple of times was fun but overall it was personally my least favorite map there was.


I honestly just think Club Titiboo was fun and “funny”. The narrow hallways and the fact that there is no high ground available just made it seem more close-quarters and therefore, fun! I don’t think it’s a proper map for the gameplay of UCH/LC but I guess the chimera would be pretty bored of it, not to mention the amount of flanking routes just to get behind him most of the times.


I honestly liked Fall Off the most, in pretty much all aspects. The map was small*, but still big enough to have some proper space, and the danger of falling off was an interesting and fun addition. I enjoyed it the most.

Honestly, I dislike club titiboo. I don’t even know why exactly, but there really was something to it that made me dislike it. The biggest thing would be all the corridors, I think this is not good for a game like UCH. I prefer more open maps with some closed off elements, so you can still have your stealth tactics. Laboratory had the exact same problem, which is why I also disliked it.
Also the map just got really annoying because it was chosen 60% of the time.

*Some maps were even a tad too big, which ended up in draw games because the chimera couldn’t find the last pigmask.


In my opinion more likely “corridors and halls” maps with some bigger rooms looked most enjoyble.
From what i saw on videos of headquarters, going to that main GIANT room, were just suicide for chimera.
But still you should do open maps and “corridor” maps
I didn’t played gmt for you to be sure.


Same, it was claustrophobic. Not a fan.


Club Titiboo was great because:

  • It was indoors
  • It was a club, that’s it
  • The hallways were small
  • All of the above

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Club Titiboo would still be fun if it were outdoors mainly.

  • Yes, outdoors is fine
  • No, it needs to stay completely indoor

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I could live if the club aspect from Club Titiboo was not part of the art.

  • Yes, the club part is not important
  • No, the club part is important

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It was nice because of all the small crawlspaces, you could hide in the walls, under the map, the club aspect was super cool too. I think it’d be fun if there was a little band playing or something of the sort, at least club music playing by the main stage.


we are the band


Club titiboo was an alright map, but it’s definitely far from the best. If this was a 1:1 recreation we’d be talking about, I’d be fully against it. The fact that most of the map consisted of tight, narrow hallways was what made it so bland and forgettable for me, since most of the time everyone would stick to that little tiny section at the spawn rather than use the whole map, since the Chimera never spawned anywhere else. So most of the time it was a SNOOZEFEST!!!

The larger rooms were better because they required some real skill and tactics to actually take down the chimera rather than relying on a blind moment or a wrong corner turn, which was generally cheap and annoying. There was only 1 large room in the map that ever saw any activity, but the chairs turned it into another narrow hallway.

If that map had more than one spawn point and was less narrow it would have been much much better


Here’s my two pence on why I think Titboo was so loved.

I think the simplicity of the map is why it was so popular. It was very basic which put the focus on “teamwork”, outwitting the Dragon and using Mr.Saturn.

A lot of the other maps had layouts that kind of alienated those aspects. It made things unnecessarily “complex” which took away from “teamwork”, outwitting the Dragon and using Mr.Saturn. Its kind of hard to put it into words but things like excessive amounts of branching paths and lots of areas where Pigmasks could drop down from made it hard to keep focus on the simple goal.

I wasn’t a UCH wonder by any means but when I played as Chimerea on maps like Headqaurters and Titboo it felt like I could plan my next actions within moments just because I could quickly analyse which areas a Pigmask could attack from. Of course this didn’t make me invulnerable by any means, a quick distraction or a Mr.Saturn to the head could easily result in my downfall.

What I’m trying to get at here is that in my opinion the reason Titboo was so liked is because it was simple and flat. Which put the focus on gameplay mechanics and teamwork rather than map knowledge and areas of attack.


It would be fine if outdoors were just aditional part of map and map would be indoors mainly but outdoors as a little addition


9 times out of 10 the map was, sprint to dragon spawn, jump over dragon in the second rooms hallway and win.
that’s it

I have seen people use teamwork on it maybe once in the 300+ hours I spent playing UCH on GMT.
I also have seen many rounds where people hid in one of the rooms until the round was over because if the chimera walked in the room he was blind sighted and the person would get an easy win.
If the chimera did try going around the hallway, he’d have to go through a small doorway again still and be blind sighted.
There were so many things that made it lame and boring and just generally not fun for the chimera in any way.


Huh? I can’t remember seeing actual teamwork in UCH once. The entire time it was just a race between the pigmasks to get the pet on the back first.


Usually teamwork consisted of people acting as decoys and fooling the chimera, most people didn’t need to do anything like that on club since there wasn’t room to do it or the rounds were just over so fast.


What made club fun was all the different pathways which allowed multiple options for approaches and escapes. It was also small enough so that neither side could hide from each other or not know where the other side is. The hallways were small, but they were large enough for a skilled pig mask to slip behind the chimera. The only problems I had with it were that the scenery was basic and the destructable wall could only be destroyed by the chimera.


There were many many games where pigmasks hid in a bedroom until the chimera walked in and because the camera was wonky, it was a severe disadvantage to the chimera and the pigmask would win by not playing the game.


Also, the long hallways with no escapes are deadly for the chimera if it gets surrounded. This is why the chimera always stuck to larger rooms. I think there needs to be multiple exits from the hallways.


what made it MUCH worse were the little vents theyd crawl inbetween the rooms which was just a waste of time
you genuinely could not get those assholes as chimera