Poll: Favorite Chimera Hunt Map GAMEPLAY

We don’t care about map themes / aesthetics.

We want to know what made a UCH map fun, and why. Do you like open rooms? different heights? tight corridors? Let us know. Where’s camping grounds in the poll? Nowhere. It’s awful.

We are not 1:1 recreating any maps from UCH.

Maps photos for reference: http://www.gmtower.org/index.php?p=gamemodes&gm=uch&tab=maps

  • Club Titiboo
  • Downtown
  • Falloff
  • Headquarters
  • Laboratory
  • Saturn Valley
  • Shady Oaks
  • Snowed In
  • Tazmily Village
  • Woodlands

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Titiboo is the best map

Also, will the winning map be a map for Little Crusaders?


Woo maps

Knew it would come out next update

Gotta stick with good ol’ oaks

I like downtown but that will never win.

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Woodlands was probably the best in both gameplay and looks. There was no real gimmicks to look for or bad mechanics. The spawn was always in the same place and it was small enough that the sides couldn’t get lost.

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Damn, I can’t remember most of the maps. Anyone got a link to look at all of the maps listed?

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It isn’t


Updated the post.


I might do a rework / use some layouts as inspiration, but not any 1:1 ports. There’s a lot of things we could improve on.


Can I write in my vote for camp grounds?

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Actually really liked snowed in. Great combination of ally ways, and small open areas for confrontation. Really liked the layout of that one. :smiley:

I assume all Little Crusader maps will exclusively have the mediavel/old times theme to them? Or are the crusaders and dragon time travelling doofuses?

I really enjoyed Headquarters because of the staircase area in the back. It was so much fun trying to bait the chimera and then doing an epic leap to press the button.


We’re considering some different types of non-canon maps. Still up in the air though.


I loved shady oaks because of the mobility and sneak-ability of it, being able to climb around the map was also great for sneaking up on the chimera or bait them for another to press them. Most of the places the chimera could go, the pigmasks could. It was a very balanced map. Club titiboo and headquarters were okay but it wasn’t balanced for being able to just hide from him and wait out the time. The other maps were mostly balanced. That’s just my thoughts on the maps.


I personally think you should recreate every map (not 1:1). But about Fluffypaws reply, you shouldn’t make just medieval and such themes only, like downtown should be recreated in present Times like in gmt.
Also grab here some map suggestions:
Maybe like hotel?
Ship deck
Ice cave?
Mr.S manision
And like underwater base.