Poll: Changes to the Condo Lobby


Hey guys, I have been thinking of redesigning the Condo Lobby somewhat to help navigate around it easier. I have also seem some demand in the discord chat and the forums for some sort of rooftop area to the tower as well.

My proposal is this, the “New” Condo Lobby would be similar to that of GMod Tower’s Lobby 2 Condo Lobby. It would have quite a lot less doors than the current Condo lobby. 24 to be exact, instead of just under 100. However, it means that doors are a bit more clustered together and should make it easier to see where players doors are when occupied (as I am well aware how difficult it is right now).

Players like before will still be able to make as many condo’s as they’d like through the Condo Lady, however it will just mean that theres less of a guarantee to get a door Plaza side.

On the other hand though, this Condo Lobby will be actually situated inside the tower, with access to the rooftop above it. Players wanting to jet-pack to the top of the tower will be able to enter the Condo Lobby this way too. The level will still be level streamed like before, with the exception that a trigger round the top of the tower will work in tandem with the lifts at the bottom of the tower to stream in and out the level, like how it does now.

I’d appreciate if people could vote in the poll, and comment below with any questions you may have.

As a side-note, if plans go ahead with the new Condo Lobby, but we have to change the plan somewhat, Ill likely do another poll with the changes to make sure people still want the new Condo Lobby.

Here’s a WIP Picture of the “New” Condo Lobby so far. The current view is more or less mirrored on the other side.

  • New Condo Lobby - Less Condo Doors, but inside the actual tower, with rooftop.
  • Current Condo Lobby - The system we use already.

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EDIT: For those a little concerned about the amount of doors. I could potentially add a floor below, with an extra ~18 doors. Adding up to 42 doors (heh). Thoughts appreciated! (excuse the quick edit, it will look cleaner when actually complete).

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Oh my god, the new one, please. I love the look of it so much. I feel like the one we have is far too large and is difficult to navigate, and near impossible without a jetpack, so with new players they can barely enjoy it. I would absolutely love to see this new condo lobby instead, it looks incredible and far better. This is a great idea. Also, if the community (hopefully) has the same opinion, is there a possibility we could see the condo map screen behind the condo lady? In the current condo lobby, I heard the large screen was meant to have a map displaying the condos and their status. I would love to see this screen be implemented if its not too difficult.
But more importantly, yes, this new condo lobby, please.

Also rooftop yes please oh my god


I do prefer the current condo design but the idea of the new system where you can even get to the condos through the rooftops just sounds so freaking good.


the current design has too many doors in my opinion. i think only 50% of them have been used at peak times.

I welcome this cool new look & layout (as long as it fits the rest of the tower)


Reminds me of Lobby 2.




I think it’s a positive change, my only real comment is that is almost wish it was slightly bigger, maybe one more floor?


Nice condo lobby! Reminds me of when I beta tested Lobby 2. Good times.


For those a little concerned about the amount of doors. I could potentially add a floor below, with an extra ~18 doors. Adding up to 42 doors (heh). Thoughts appreciated! (excuse the quick edit, it will look cleaner when actually complete)


I’m fine with the current amount of floors/doors.


I do prefer the look and feel of this proposed new lobby. The current lobby is certainly nice, but it feels a bit too utilitarian; it’s neat and uniform, but doesn’t have the “Welcome Home” sort of feel this new lobby gives off. I doubt the door count will be that much of a problem since there’s always the menu to find condos if it happens to fill up. I also really like the idea of the condo lobby actually being inside the tower instead of floating off in space somewhere. It would make the area feel a lot more connected, especially if the elevators acted like real elevators rather than teleporters in disguise; the lighting shift never did feel quite right.


We need the new design. The current design is a mess, going through all the condos is a pain.


Definite YES!! to the tower roof. It was a real letdown to be able to fly so high and have nowhere to land on.

Also yes to the new condo lobby, the other one looks great but its a bit clunky in reaching doors. It basically sucks when your door isn’t on the main floor. Also, I don’t think less doors will be a problem since most servers don’t have more than 64 players max anyway and of those players at most 20 might be using the condo at the same time.


please do the new one, the one we have now looks like a prison


I think that having another lower floor is great functionally, but I think that theres too much at that point. Maybe if the stairs downwards left more room for the floor 10X condos.


I like this a little more, this would get my vote


Does this mean the roof will be accessible?


Yes, and you will be able to enter the new condo lobby via the external tower you see. So, yes, you could jetpack to the top of the tower, no elevator, and end up in the condo lobby.


You had me at yes.

+1 vote for new.