Poll: Changes to the Condo Lobby


How does the “streaming” when entering from the top work? Is it just like the doors to the theater or like the gameports area?


(The level stream trigger will be at the top of the tower, and the elevators will trigger them as well on the way up as they do now.)


Basically, when you jetpack to the top, you’ll hit a trigger that will start loading in the level, so by the time youre up there it shouldve loaded.


Whatever you do, at least add another elevator that is center to the building.

There was an elevator that was added to the new subway station, and it opens up in a condo elevator that’s already linked to an elevator on a same portion of the map, confirming that they aren’t aligned and technically impossible (unless it’s a turbolift.)

It’s possible to go up, but not back down to the subway.


Tough call to be honest. I feel like the current set up is more futureproofing for when the game gets a higher population and thus, more doors become used. In the current state of tower though it also would be more appealing to have the place become more compact.


i think change design was not very important but i prefer to have the old system for visit condos.


I’m… on the fence about this. On one hand, having the condo lobby be actually in the tower sounds AWESOME, and the ability to get on the roof thru a hole in the ceiling sounds even better. But on the other hand, I do like having more condo doors on the outside, even if the actual amount doesn’t matter if it’s bigger than 25. (I also like the design of the cool tower lights and the bigger windows, even if you can’t see anything out of them.)


Also I find it odd that the condo lobby might be reverting to its near-Lobby 2 state around the same time the transit station’s design did the opposite, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding the new design, in order to hold more than 24 condos, maybe the directory board that was planned to be in the current design that would list all connected condos and their floors could make a return?

This way, if all the doors are already occupied, other players condos could still be listed and show up in the board and the player could still connect through it. This way, even if it’s not possible to have doors for all the players, the design limitations would at least be gone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I just noticed @EvKem mentioned this, oops).


Well, it seems pretty obvious what the outcome will be.


Yo I’m loving this


@Lifeless Does the new condo lobby have seamless entry into condos or still a loading screen?


The condos are on different servers, so they will always require a loading screen.


I feel that the lower floor condo is too much, but whatevs.


I find it alright because in Lobby 2 pretty much all the condos were taken to the point there was a line of people waiting to get a condo


Will the Condos ever be server side again like GMT? If not, I’m not too concerned about the number of doors in the lobby. I do like the tower roof being accessible though.


96% YES! 4% people be like




The Condos will still function the same - disconnected from the server. We cannot load the condos on the same servers.

Foohy’s been making P2P stuff a lot better. The end goal is to have you enter the door and when you check out, you’ll be put back where your condo door is in the Lobby map.[quote=“Niz, post:24, topic:15536”]
It’s possible to go up, but not back down to the subway.

I saw an elevator with the words Transit Station in the new condo lobby - so I’m assuming that will be a feature.


Any way we could see a quick implementation of appearing at the Condo Lobby after checking out? Just a version that would put us at the condo lady’s desk until we get full-on functionality of it would be neat for the meantime.


Can’t make a quick implementation. What you are asking for is making the feature in its entirety.