Poll: 7/29/15 [THE RESULTS ARE IN!]

This week is gonna be pretty big.

Since we are now 106% funded (!!), it’s time we start asking questions that relate to game production.

Discuss the poll on this thread.

And the results are in!

218 responses


ooohhh… a horror gamemode?

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of this before, Apple.

nope. never heard of it, but it sounds amazing.

Was in the middle between Ballrace and Minigolf. Ended up with going with Minigolf.

I’m actually rootin’ for Accelerate for once. It felt strange in GMT because the drifting felt so… off.
But I’d love to experience Accelerate without it needing to compensate for Source’s outdated engine.


Drinking, obviously the most important thing in GMT… :dizzy_face: :sleeping:

Dancing and laying must be a top priority!


@Plasma I was the exact same as you! I also ended up going for Minigolf I would of voted for the new UCH (Ultimate Chimera Hunt) but I forgot what they renamed it to and I couldn’t find it anywhere :smiley:

Gave my vote. From what I saw you guys already had the basic gist of Ball Race, Accelerate and Mini Golf done so those should probably be the key modes to be worked on. Although in my views, seeing other game mode prototypes being done at the same time would probably pump people even more.

As for the rest, Condo Pets are probably going to be the best gem, since you would probably have something more to give life to your condo than just yourself. As for the rest, since as I play in groups, the grouping system has been quite helpful.

Horror Hill is based off one of my favorite board games, how can I not be hype!?

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I’d honestly like to see them work on something that they haven’t done rather than something that can be easily replicated like Ballrace or Minigolf, so I chose Horror Hill.


For me it was a pretty hard choice between Accelerate, Ball Race and Minigolf, but I went for minigolf. Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing round of hitting balls about. :smiley:

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Aw yeah Drunk system is most important :sunglasses:

@macdguy Is it game or gem. if its gem, what is it?

Voted for Virus bc Virus is love :sunglasses:

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It’s gem because gemstones (mini-milestones) were unlocked for every $1k raised from $40k to $50k. The stuff listed is the things that were unlocked.

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Voted for Minigolf. My second favorite gamemode behind Ball Race. But it doesn’t matter to me which one wins the poll :smile:

I for one absolutely love what you guys are doing with Little Crusaders, so it takes my vote.